Attendance and Absences

23-24 Attendance Office Procedures

  • At Sanderson, we believe every student should be in class every day to maximize the learning experience. Students must be in class for at least 45 minutes to be counted as present. If a student misses more than half of a class period, they will be marked absent for that class.




    1st Period

    7:25 - 8:10

    8:11 - 8:34

    2nd Period

    9:00 - 9:45

    9:46 - 10:33

    3rd Period - A Class

    11:13 - 11:58

    11:59 - 12:43

    3rd Period - B Class

    10:38 - 11:23 

    11:24 - 12:08

    4th Period

    12:48 - 1:33

    1:34 - 2:18

    Below is an outline of the Wake County Public School System and the Sanderson High School attendance policies. Please refer to the Wake County Parent-Student Handbook for more information.  

    Early check-out


    • All students, regardless of age, that need to check out early, must bring a note from their parent/guardian between 7:00 – 7:25 a.m. to the Attendance Office (date, time to leave class, parent signature, valid telephone number(s) and reason for leaving). Notes may be verified by calling the phone number listed in PowerSchool. The student will be issued a release slip to show teachers to leave campus.

    • For students that do not bring a note in the morning, the parent/guardian will need to come to SHS to check the student out regardless of their age.  Come to the front door (to the right of the main doors / portico) and ring the doorbell to check the student out. You will be asked:

      • Student’s name

      • Reason for checking out

      • Your name and proof of ID

    Please allow extra time for checkouts as some classrooms are far from the front door. 


    • If a student did not bring a note, a parent/guardian must come to check the student out in person.

    • If a student becomes ill / does not feel well, they need to tell their teacher and come to the front office for assistance.  The school will call the phone number listed in PowerSchool to discuss options for check out.

    Excused & Unexcused Absences 

    • Absence notes may be sent to the following email: or brought to the Attendance Window within two days of the student’s return to campus.  This email is checked regularly each school day. You will receive an automated reply when your email is received.  Personal replies will be sent when needed.

    • If a student does not bring a note within two days of returning to school, the absence will remain unexcused (Policy 6000.4). 

    Excused Absences Notes

    If your student was absent, email or send a note with your student within two days of their return.  The note should include: 

    • Student first and last name
    • Student ID number
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent/guardian's name
    • Parent/guardians contact information

    WCPSS Excused absences include:

    • Illness or injury
    • Isolation ordered by the Health Department
    • Death in the family
    • Medical or dental appointment 
    • Court when a student is under subpoena
    • Religious observance
    • Participation in a valid and pre-approved educational opportunity

    Request For Excused Absence For Educational Reasons Form

    (must be submitted five days in advance of educational absence)

    Request For Excused Absence For Educational Reasons (Spanish) 

    WCPSS Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    • Missed bus
    • Oversleeping
    • Car trouble
    • Personal errands
    • Out-of-school suspension
    • Trips without prior approval
    • Failure to bring a parent's note in the allotted time frame.

    Students must be in class for at least 45 minutes to be counted as present.  If a student misses more than ½ of a class period they will be marked absent for that class.  

    WCPSS Safe Schools Tip Line (anonymous) 919-856-1911

    Parent Handbook: All students receive a WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook. Parents are asked to read and then review these publications with their students. It is important for parents and students to understand the expectations and rules for the county and our school. The WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook can be accessed online.

    Address/Phone Number Updates/Changes: If you have changed your work, home, or cell numbers, address or name, please complete the change of address form and send to Ms. Batista, Data Manager at

  • Coming to school every day, ready to learn, is important for your child's success. It's also required by state law for children between the ages of 7 and 16. 

    Excused absences include:

    You'll need to provide a note within two days of your child's return to school or the absences will be recorded as unexcused. Your principal or teachers will notify you if there are three or more unexcused absences, and will work with you and your child if there is a concern that absences are becoming excessive.

    Your child will need to make up all work he or she missed, as scheduled by the teacher.

    For more information, review School Board Policy 4400: Attendance.