• Morning & Afternoon Carpool Updates: Aug. 31

    Thank you for your patience and support with our long carpool lines. Our priority is always student safety. Below are a few reminders and a new afternoon carpool pattern.

    Morning Carpool

    For student safety, please utilize our carpool lanes. Do not utilize Bexley Springs retirement community or Dixon Drive as drop-off zones for students.

    Loading and Unloading Area

    Please pull down all the way down in the unloading area.  This will assist with efficacy and speed with unloading students. Additionally, please do not use our student parking lot as a drop off location.

    Afternoon Carpool

    Beginning Friday, September 3, we will begin exiting all cars from campus with a right turn only with the hopes of creating a better traffic flow. Please share this information with your student drivers.

    Loading and Unloading Area

    As with morning carpool, drivers need to pull as far forward within the loading area as possible.

  • Morning Carpool Procedures  

    Arrival time: 6:55 a.m. - 7:25 a.m.

    Carpool Entrance Instructions

    1. Carpool users must enter Dixon Dr. via North Hills Dr.  See map below.
    2. Turn left into the Sanderson parking lot from Dixon Dr.
    3. Follow the cones and turn left into the drop off/pick up zone.
    4. Pull all the way forward. 

    Dismissal : 2:18 p.m.

    When picking your child up in the carpool lane, please pull all the way forward.