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    Scholarships with varying/undefined deadlines will be listed first, followed by scholarships listed in order by application due date.  All scholarships with deadlines that have passed will be moved to the bottom of the page. 



    DoSomething.org gives students the opportunity to earn scholarship money through community service or writing short essays. These scholarship is open to students in high school, college, and graduate school who are below the age of 25. You can find more information in these scholarships on the DoSomething.org website.  Follow the scholarship link at the bottom on the page.

    Deadlines vary  


    This monthly scholarship is sponsored by ​Niche.com, an awesome site for checking out different schools and getting the inside scoop. An important part of the college admissions process is the idea of “fit” and Niche is a great way to see if a school is right for you. This is a super easy scholarship to apply to–it literally should take less than one minute (60 seconds). If you are a student or will be a student within the next 12 months then you are eligible to apply. The application simply consists of creating a Niche account. To apply, go online here. . The deadline for this scholarship is the last day of each month​. Only one entry allowed per person per month. A new winner will be chosen every month.

    Deadline: The last day of each month


    ​Cappex is a very generous provider of college scholarships for students–they offer up to $50,000 in awards per year! One of their signature scholarships is the “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarships which is offered each month​ to high school and college students. This Cappex scholarship is typically worth $1,000. ​In addition to offering awesome scholarships, Cappex also has some really useful tools for navigating the college admissions process. After all, their slogan is the “college search made simple” which they certainly do. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled or planning to enroll in school in the next calendar year. This includes college/university students, community college students, and those pursuing online degrees. As the name of this scholarship suggests, transcripts and GPAs are not considered (nor are recommendations or essays for that matter). The deadline for this Cappex Scholarship is on the last day of the month.​ The best thing about this program is that it is offered on a monthly basis. If you don’t win, try, try again! The application ​can be found online here.

    Deadline:  The last day of each month


    Living a totally healthy lifestyle can be surprisingly challenging in our modern society—especially for college students! The Skin Care Ox: Beauty + Wellness Scholarship for Women program was established to provide financial support to college women who are striving to lead healthy lifestyles. If you’re a female high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student who is committed to maintaining personal wellness, then this is the scholarship for you!  Find out more here.

    Deadline:  QUARTERLY DEADLINES: September 30 --January 1st — March 31 — June 30  

    OppU Achievers Scholarship

    Award Amount: $2,500

    Eligibility: High school seniors, college students, graduate students; cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0; U.S. citizen or resident

    To Apply: Students submit a short response to the question "What makes you an achiever?"

    For more information, please visit http://www.achieveoppu.com/login.aspx

    Deadline: QUARTERLY DEADLINES: December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30 



    Zebulon Lions Auxiliary Service Scholarship

    The Zebulon Lions Auxiliary provides scholarships for college-bound students who exhibit outstanding leadership in the area of service to their community. The Zebulon Lions Auxiliary members are interested in rewarding area students who have demonstrated personal integrity and a commitment to the concept of service to others. The financial status of the applicant, and/or his or her family, is not considered.  An applicant’s record of service to his or her school and community is the major criterion for selection

    Multiple scholarship awards, each for at least $1000.00, are available and presented annually by the Zebulon Lions Auxiliary. Applicants for the Zebulon Lions Auxiliary Service Scholarship must have attended an accredited high school and must show they have been accepted for admission to attend an accredited two or four-year college/university or other institution of post-secondary higher education. Proof of acceptance must be submitted with the application for the scholarship award. 

    Application and full description can be downloaded here.

    Deadline:  May 1. 2021



    Norah Morris Memorial Scholarship Endowment

    This scholarship has been established to help an individual entering college that has participated in equestrian activities.

    For more information and access to the application, please visit this site.

    Deadline: May15, 2021

    B. Davis Scholarship
    This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.
    • There is no age restriction
    • Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next
    • This is not an academic scholarship but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are.

    To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay of less than 1000 words on the topic below:

    Your submissions must be sent to us by email at awards@studentawardsearch.com 

    Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most.  Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.
    Award Amount: $1000
    Deadline: May 22, 2021

    To raise awareness as to the causes, consequences and treatment of addiction, Seasons in Malibu, an addiction treatment center, is seeking to reward essay applicants $1,500 in scholarships- for students entering college or already enrolled in a higher education institution.

    The aim of the scholarship is to bring attention as to why addiction, in various forms, is becoming more prevalent in our society and how can we address the issue of an increasing number of people dealing with addiction.

    The scholarship is open to any major who can shed light on this issue. It may be a personal story that you can share or a more researched essay.


    • Why do you believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis?
    • What are the consequences of this addiction for the individual and society?
    • How can we remedy the crisis on both the individual and societal level?

    Participating in our annual scholarship constitutes your consent to use personal information for the purposes of offering the scholarship and reporting to the appropriate tax authorities. We will not share your personal information to any other persons or entities, or use your personal information for marketing purposes.

    Apply for the Scholarship

    Deadline: May 31, 2021


    Seasons, a mental health treatment center, specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders is seeking to award $1,500 in scholarships to students enrolled in studies dealing with the subject of mental health.

    A mental health disorder can be the result of biological, environmental, or a combination of the both factors. The treatment of such disorders can be multi-faceted, incorporating western and eastern medicine techniques and traditions.

    Mental health care can be given to treat the symptoms of a disorder or be used as a preventative for the promotion of a well-balanced state of mind.

    For more information and the link to the application, visit https://seasonsbeachcottage.com/mental-health-education-scholarship/


    Questions to be answered in your Essay/Application

    • What are the differences in the methodologies of mental health treatment between Eastern and Western medicine traditions?
    • What are good examples of using these treatments synergistically in providing quality mental health care?
    • Are there other modes of treatment outside of western and eastern medicine traditions that can also be of value in providing mental health care?
    • What practices can be incorporated in one’s life to promote better states of mental health?
    • Are there any determinants which have been shown to lead to better states of mental health? What are some these factors?
    • Can society play a role in promoting positive states of mental health for its citizen’s? How so?

    Deadline:  May 31, 2021

    The BigSun Scholarship
    The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligiblefor this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.   Their participation may be in any capacity, whether as a player, coach or official. 
    Award amount:$500
    For more information and application, click HERE.
    Deadline: June 19, 2021


    Boster is proud to provide an annual scholarship to students with an interest in pursuing or continuing a 4-year academic program related to Biology Technology. The Bosterbio Scholarships for Young Scientists Of Excellence will provide $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school or college students to aid their scientific research in college.


    • Scholarship Awards

     Two scholarships of $1000 USD will be awarded annually

    • Requirements

    1.High school applicants should provide proof of significant interest in biomedical research. This interest can be supported by a history of volunteering or internship in area biology and medicine.

    • 2. Candidates must obtain and submit a letter of recommendation – either from a teacher/ mentor/ tutor/ or lecturer who knows them well or from an employer in a relevant healthcare services niche (must be signed and on letterhead to be accepted).
    • 3. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.60 on a 4.0 scale.

    Please visit https://www.bosterbio.com/scholarships for the application and more information.

    Deadline: June 20, 2021

    Elevate Women In Technology Scholarship

    It’s critical that women be at the forefront of our tech-driven world. This scholarship exists to move the tech industry in the right direction by empowering the next generation of extraordinary women leaders.


    $500 Cash Award

    High School & College Students

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the requirements below. Please read the requirements carefully to ensure you meet eligibility before applying.

    • Must be a current high school or college student.
    • Must be a woman.
    • Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident
    • All GPAs will be considered.
    • All majors are encouraged to apply.

     Apply here.

    Deadline:  October 1, 2021

    Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources

    General Information:

    www.finaid.org – links to: scholarships, grants, loans, graduate aid

    www.studentaid.ed.gov – information from the U.S. Dept. of Ed. on preparing for and funding education beyond high school


    Search Engines & Scholarship Programs: 

    www.fastweb.com – create a profile and let fastweb do the research for you 

    www.myscholly.com – mobile app that provides students with a fast and simple way to find scholarships for college

    www.cashcourse.org – information for college students to stay financially informed

    www.cksf.org – educational & scholarship opportunities for students of all levels

    www.cappex.com – free website where you learn which colleges want you, before you apply

    www.scholarships.com – free college scholarship search and financial aid information

    www.scholarshipamerica.org – provides information and resources for your scholarship search

    www.meritaid.com – free source for $11 billion in merit aid scholarships from 1,000s of colleges

    www.brokescholar.com – find scholarships and use tools to stay organized and make the process easier

    www.knowhow2go.org – complete information on college prep, whether in middle school or seniors

    www.hsf.net – largest provider of college financial aid for Latino students

    www.latinocollegedollars.org – scholarship information for Latino students

    www.thurgoodmarshallfund.net – provide scholarships, programmatic and capacity building support to the 47 public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

    www.apiasf.org/scholarship_apiasf.html – the nation’s largest non-profit organization devoted to providing college scholarships for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)

    www.collegefund.org – provides Native students with scholarships and financial support for the nation’s 33 accredited tribal colleges and universities

    http://www.thencshp.org- The North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals promotes the education of Hispanic students at all levels.

    www.dellscholars.org – Dell Scholars Program recognizes academic potential and determination in students that have a definite need for financial assistance

    www.uncf.org – awards 10,000 students each year through 400 scholarship and internship programs so that students from low- and moderate-income families can afford college tuition, books and room and board

    www.zinch.com – connect with scholarships and learn about colleges


     How-to Programs and Books:


    www.scholarshipacademy.org – offers curriculum to help students identify tailored scholarship options & build solid scholarship profile


    Other resources: 














    Deadlines have passed



    The Gates Scholarship is a highly selective, full scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors. Starting in 2018, the scholarship will be awarded to 300 top student leaders each year with the intent of promoting their academic excellence through college graduation, and providing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

    To apply, students must be:

    • A high school senior
    • From at least one of the following ethnicities: African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American
    • Pell-eligible
    • A US citizen, national or permanent resident
    • A minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale

     Additionally, a student must plan to enroll full-time, in a four-year degree program, at a US accredited, not-for-profit, private or public college or university.

    The link to the application can be found here.

    Deadline: Phase I of the application is due Tuesday, September 15, 2020 by 5:00 PM PT.  Phase I is a short questionnaire that takes 30-45 minutes to complete and does not require essays or recommendations.


    PARK SCHOLARSHIP (North Carolina State University)



    The Morehead-Cain Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill, the Park Scholarship at NC State, the Levine Scholarship at UNC-Charlotte, and the Cheatham-White Scholarship at NC A&T are all scholarships of the highest esteem.

    All 4 scholarships provide full tuition, and interested students should have an outstanding academic record and excellent character.

    To be nominated, students must submit an initial application to Ms. Lynch by September 26, 2020. Links to the applications and a description of each award can be found at the following: Application and Scholarship Descriptions .


    East Wake can nominate 3 students for the Morehead & Cheatham-White, 2 for the Park, and unlimited for the Levine.  Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee, and students will be notified if they are nominated.

    Any student not nominated by the school can self-nominate. 

    Further instructions will be given to nominees once selected. 

    PLEASE EMAIL THE COMPLETED PRELIMINARY APPLICATION TO MLYNCH3@WCPSS.NET.  The scholarship committee will select and notify nominess no later than September 30th. 

    Deadline: September 26, 2020


    The QuestBridge National College Match is a college and scholarship application   process that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation's most selective colleges. 

    If you are a student who has achieved academic excellence in the face of economic challenges, we encourage you to apply to the National College Match. QuestBridge's partner colleges offer generous financial aid packages that cover 100% of demonstrated financial need, making them very affordable for low-income students.

    For more information and eligibility criteria, please visit https://www.questbridge.org

    Deadline: September 29, 2020


    Applicants must be a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or a current or entering college or graduate school student of any level. Home schooled students are also eligible. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Applicants must complete the application form and write a 140-character message about texting while driving. The winner will receive a $1,000​ scholarship! The due date for The Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship is September 30, 2019, which coincides with September’s No Texting while Driving Day. To apply, go here.

    Deadline: September 30, 2020


    Scholarship is available to current high school seniors attending a post-secondary school. They are looking for future leaders across a wide array of fields of study but are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible. Visit this website for more  information about eligibility and applying.  Amount: $500

    Deadline: October 5, 2020


     To be eligible for the College JumpStart Scholarship:

    A) You are a high school 10th, 11th or 12th grader -OR- you are an undergraduate college student or non-traditional student. There are no age limits.
    B) You are a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
    C) You are currently attending or you are planning to attend an accredited two-year, four-year, community, vocational or trade school in the U.S. Online programs also qualify.
    E) You must be committed to using education to better your life and that of your family and/or community.

    Scholarship Value: $1,000
    Number of Scholarships - 2

    More information and the application can be found here.

    Deadline: October 17, 2020


    This scholarships is for students who demonstrate superior intellectual and personal achievements and significant leadership abilities. Up to eight (total) Belk Scholars are selected in every entering class. For each scholar, the Belk Scholarship provides comprehensive funding (tuition, fees, room and board), plus two special study stipends of $3,000 each.  For more information visit this site

    Students who are interested in being nominated need to turn in a student resume which includes a brief paragraph detailing the student’s future goals and plans to Ms. Lynch by October 18, 2020. Official nominations must be submitted by 11/1.  EWHS can nominate up to 2 students applying to Davidson College.

    Deadline: October 18, 2020


    As one of the nation's largest need-based college scholarship programs in the country, the Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs specifically assist high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives. While many programs are directed primarily to recognizing academic achievement or leadership potential, the Horatio Alger Association seeks students who have exhibited determination, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity, as well as have critical financial need.

    The Horatio Alger Scholarship Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. offers a number of state, national, and Career and Technical scholarships for students. To be eligible, students must have at least a 2.0 and demonstrate a need for financial assistance.  To learn more and apply, visit scholars.horatioalger.org.  

    Amounts Vary from $2500 to $25000 depending on the award.

    Deadline: October 25, 2020 for STATE and NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS

                     Rolling deadline until all scholarships are awarded for CTE Scholarships


    The Cooke College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation's best four-year colleges and universities. Jack Kent Cooke Scholars will receive up to $40,000 a year for four years to attend an undergraduate institution, as well as college planning support and advice and networking opportunities from the foundation's larger scholar community. Scholarships will be awarded to high-performing seniors who have a GPA of 3.5 and can demonstrate financial need. There is NO TEST SCORE REQUIREMENT THIS YEAR. Applicants should also be outstanding students who stand out in their communities for their academic abilities and achievements, persistence, leadership, and demonstrated desire to help others. 

    Visit https://www.jkcf.org/our-scholarships/college-scholarship-program/ for details and to apply.

    Deadline: October 30, 2020



    The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. With the 29th class in 2017, the Foundation has provided over 5,850 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than $63 million in educational support. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship. Apply now!

    Deadline: October 31, 2020


    The Lewis and Elizabeth Dowdy Scholars Enrichment Program is the premier undergraduate merit scholarship at North Carolina A&T State University created in honor of the university first Chancellor, Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy and his wife Elizabeth. The program provides a four (4)-year renewable scholarship that includes tuition, related fees, and room and board, books and travel (fall and spring only) to incoming freshmen who plan to enroll in the upcoming Fall semester. This enrichment program invests in students with extraordinary potential to help them become the transformational leaders of their generation. The program is highly competitive, open to all disciplines, and provides access to the best North Carolina A&T has to offer our students.

    To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

    Minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA (weighted)

    Minimum 1270 SAT or 27 ACT (test optional)

    U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen

    Completed admissions application to NC A&T SU

    Completed University Honors Program Nomination Form by November 1

    Any interested students should contact Ms. Lynch (mlynch3@wcpss.net) about nomination as soon as possible.

    Deadline: November 1, 2020


    Win award up to $1500. Applicants must create an original work showcasing your idea for a SOLUTION or STRATEGY to fix the very real problem of reckless and distracted driving. For application instructions, go to this site.

    Deadline: November 12, 2020


    The Elks National Foundation will award 500 four year scholarships to the highest-rated applicants. Any high school senior who is a U.S. citizen may apply. Go to www.elks.org/enf/scholars for more information and to apply online.

    Deadline: November 15, 2020


    This scholarship is collaboration between UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University. Criteria include high academic standards, leadership potential, public service and interest in diversity of people and cultures in and outside USA. Applicants are encouraged to submit materials online at www.robertsonscholars.org.

    Deadline: November 15,2020.


    This award is for seniors who have a strong interest in attending UNC-Chapel Hill and pursuing a major in English/Creative Writing. Information on how to apply for this award is available by visiting here.

    Interested seniors must apply to UNC for admission by October 15 and complete the scholarship application by November 15.

    Deadline: November 15, 2020

    Youth Forward – Scholarship Opportunity

    National Driving and Traffic School are proud to announce their 2020 scholarship opportunity, entitled “In the Driver’s Seat.” The company is seeking to reward essay applicants $3,000 in scholarships- for students enrolled as a High School Sophomore, Junior, or Senior or as a College Freshman – on the topic of being a safer driver.


    • Applicants must be currently enrolled in high school, university or college as a full-time student (2020-2021 school year).

     How to Apply:

    Questions to be answered in your essay/application, to be applying for the scholarship:

    • What is the importance of driver education in reducing the number of deaths as a result of driving?
    • What steps can be taken to reduce the number of deaths related to driving?
    • Have you ever had an experience of being in a car accident or have seen your friends or family members driving irresponsibly?
    • What steps can you take to be a better and safer driver?

    For more information, visit this site.

    Deadline:  November 30, 2020


    Award: $2,500.00 to full tuition (renewable).   You must have a complete UNCG admissions file by December 1, 2019 and submit a 250 to 500 word essay with your admissions application in order to apply. Essay can be chosen from the following topics:

    Essay topics (choose one)

    • Describe a meaningful event, experience, or accomplishment in your life and how it will impact your college experience and your contribution to the UNCG community. Consider reflecting on your ideas about student responsibility, academic integrity, campus citizenship, or a call to service.
    • Explain your choice of academic major and how you plan to use your degree to meet your career goals.
    • What does “global citizenship” mean to you? How do you envision becoming a global citizen through your studies in your future career?

    For more information visit https://admissions.uncg.edu/cost-and-aid-scholarships.php.

    Deadline: December 1, 2019 (to apply for admission and submit essay)


    The Dell Scholars Program recognizes students who have overcome significant obstacles to pursue their education, and are now serving as positive role models in their communities.

    Applicants must be participants in an approved college-readiness program for a minimum of two of the last three years, must be graduating from high school this academic year, and must be planning to pursue a bachelor's degree program right after high school graduation.

    In addition, all applicants must have at least a 2.4 GPA, must be able to demonstrate a need for financial assistance, and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Home schooled students are not eligible to apply.

    Applications will be evaluated on the student's individual determination to succeed, his/her future goals and plans to achieve them, his/her ability to communicate the hardships you have overcome or currently face, and more. 

    The award amount is usually $20,000. For more details, visit www.dellscholars.org       

    Deadline: December 1, 2019


    The Google Lime Scholarship Program helps students with disabilities pursue their goal of higher education. Eligible students must have a disability and plan to pursue a degree in the field of computer science and technology. A student is eligible to apply if they have a long-term disability that impacts one or more daily activities. The disability can be outwardly visible or not visible, such as ADD, Dyslexia, and other medical conditions. Students must plan to enroll full-time in an accredited college or university in the U.S. or Canada.

    To apply, students must submit a completed application, transcripts, two letters of recommendation and also answer three essay questions. In addition to the scholarship, students will be able to attend the Google Scholars’ Retreat in the summer. 

    The award amount is $10,000. For more details, visit this site.

    Deadline: December 4, 2019


    Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards

    The Youth Awards was founded in 1998 by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Now entering its 22nd year, the Youth Awards honors Latino high school seniors who excel in the classroom and community and for their excellence in various categories including: Business & Finances, Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare & Science, Media & Entertainment, Sports and Technology.


    • Be currently enrolled in high school and graduating in the spring of 2021
    • Must have a minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or 7.5 on a 10.0 scale
    • Must enroll at an accredited higher education institution in 2021-2022
    • Be of Hispanic heritage (includes Spain, Brazil, Philippines)
    • If selected, attendance to virtual regional awards ceremony is mandatory
    • Be a U.S. permanent resident, U.S. citizen, or qualify under the DACA

    For more details and instructions, go to https://hhfawards.hispanicheritage.org/2019/forms/welcome.php

     December 6, 2020

    North Carolina Hispanic College Fund

    The NCSHP established this charitable fund at Triangle Community Foundation to benefit Hispanic students in North Carolina. We realize that the high cost of college tuition is often a major factor that students evaluate when considering a college education. The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund (NCHCF) awards annual scholarships worth between $500 and $2,500 to help students who desire to attend college pay for their education.  Scholarships recipients are recent graduates of North Carolina high schools who are of Hispanic/Latino background.  Recipients of the NC Hispanic College Fund scholarship must enroll in a degree program at a community college or a 2 or 4-year college/university and be committed to public service and community development.

    Students of Hispanic/Latino background with at least a 2.5 gpa are encouraged to apply. For more details and application, go to: https://www.thencshp.org/nc-hispanic-college-fund

    Deadline: December 15, 2020


    Students have the opportunity to receive a $2,500, $10,000 or $25,000 scholarship. To recognize the important role their dedicated educators play in guiding these students along their path to success, we also award a $1,000 grant to every Equitable Excellence winner’s high school.

    Equitable Excellence award winners come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but are united by their drive, determination, and strong character.

    Applicants to the Equitable Excellence Scholarship must:

    • Demonstrate courage, strength and wisdom as shown by community impact through volunteer service
    • Be high school seniors planning to attend an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the United States.
    • Be a United States citizen or legal resident living or claiming residency in one of the 50 U.S. states, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

    Application can be found here.

    Deadline: December 15, 2020 or when 10,000 applications are received.


    James W. McLamore Burger King Scholarship is open to high school students who will be graduating and entering college as freshmen. It is also open to students who have graduated within the last 3 years. The scholarship is for U.S. and Canadian students. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 or above, and a minimum ACT/SAT score of 25/1700. Ideal candidates must have demonstrated work experience as well as substantial experience taking an active leadership role in their community, athletics, or other extra-curricular activities. Three scholarships are awarded each year. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin.

    This award is $50,000 and there are several other awards listed on the website.

    For more details, visit www.scholarshipamerica.org/burgerkingscholars/ 

    Deadline: December 15, 2020 or when 50,000 applications are received.


    The East Carolina University’s EC Scholars Program is the most prestigious scholarship offered at ECU. It is worth up to $10,000 per year for four years. Students wishing to be considered for the EC Scholars Award will first need to be accepted into the Honors College. Admission to the Honors College at East Carolina University is competitive and by invitation.

    Students wishing to be considered for an EC Scholars Award will first need to meet minimum eligibility criteria to receive the invitation to apply: Apply to East Carolina University (ECU) by the NOVEMBER 25, 2020; Meet the following minimum criteria: Minimum un-weighted GPA of 3.5 or minimum weighted GPA of 4.0. SUBMISSION OF ACT/SAT SCORES WILL BE OPTIONAL THIS YEAR.

    Students who meet the above criteria will receive an invitation by mail to complete the Honors College application. The EC Scholars Award application is located within the Honors College application. For additional information, go online at www.ecu.edu/honors.

    Deadline: The deadline for submitting the completed Honors College application and all associated materials is December 16, 2020.

    AceableAgent Higher Education Scholarship

    AceableAgent aims to help students achieve goals and set their lives on a positive trajectory with accessible education. We aim to help people #pursuegrowth so they can improve their lives, achieve goals, and #helpothers do the same. Through education, students can find a renewed purpose, passion, and excitement in their lives and careers. That’s why we’re holding our “Home is” scholarship to help one individual pursue their own growth.

    As a leading real estate school, we understand that the idea of “home” can mean a lot of different things and hold a lot of importance in a person’s life. That’s why we want to hear what home is to YOU! Home can be a city, a house, an idea, a person- whatever holds a place in your heart and has helped you become the person you are today. Tell us your story and you might just win a $500 scholarship to go towards your higher education.

    Winter 2020 Prompt

    Send us a video (2 min max length) -OR- a 500 word writing prompt with a photo telling us what home is to you. It could be a city, a house, a person, whatever speaks to you!


    Applicants must be currently enrolled at or planning to attend a 2-4 year university or community college, graduate school program, or trade school located in the continental US. Upon notice of winning the scholarship, the winner will need to supply a current proof of enrollment or letter of acceptance to receive their scholarship check.*

    How to apply

    • Applicants have the choice to either create a 2 min or less video -OR- submit a 500-word writing prompt with a photograph attached.
    • Please include full name, address, phone number the name of your school and your home town along with the entry.
    • Entries should be submitted to scholarships@aceableagent.com by December 20, 2020.
    • Winner(s) will be selected by January 15, 2021.
    • Any and all questions must be directed to scholarships@aceableagent.com. Please do NOT use the Aceable general contact info for questions regarding scholarships.

    For more information, visit https://www.aceableagent.com/scholarships/

    Deadline: December 20, 2020


    The Navy Reserve Officers Training Program (Navy ROTC) is a multi-year program that runs concurrently with a student’s normal college or university educational course of study. In addition to a normal academic workload leading to a Baccalaureate degree, Navy ROTC students attend classes in Naval Science, participate in the Navy ROTC unit for drill, physical training, and other activities, and are generally taught the leadership principles and high ideals of a military officer.

    During the summer break between school years, Navy ROTC students participate in a variety of training activities. These sessions help students understand various career options as well as familiarize them with a military life.


    Deadline: December 31, 2020


    Each year, the Junior Woman’s Club of Raleigh awards a one-time scholarship in honor of Sallie Southall Cotten, a founder of the North Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs.

    For the 2019 – 2020 Club Year, the scholarship amount is:  $2,500.

    The scholarship is open to all high school seniors from any Wake County high school. Applicants must attend a college or university in North Carolina in order to receive the scholarship.

    The deadline for consideration for this scholarship is January 1st, 2021.

    Rules and Requirements can be found here.

    Deadline: January 1, 2021


    Several $10,000 scholarships awarded to graduating seniors based on strong academics, leadership, integrity, and citizenship. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and plan to attend a 4- year college or university next fall.

    Applications must be submitted online at this site

    Deadline: January 3, 2021


    This national program recognizes and awards scholarships to academically talented, highly motivated African American high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year university. Applicants must exhibit excellence, leadership, commitment to public and a desire to make a difference. Financial need must exist as well. Go to www.ronbrown.org for more details.

    Deadline: January 9, 2021


    This competitive program provides merit-based forgivable loans of $8,250 a year for up to four years to highly-qualified students committed to teaching special education or a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field in a North Carolina public school. The application is now available online at ncteachingfellows.com .


    • A North Carolina high school senior
    • Be accepted to enroll in an approved educator preparation program leading to initial licensure in an eligible area at one of the five Teaching Fellows partner institutions.
    • High school applicants or applicants with fewer than 24 hours of college credit must have a minimum unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 and must submit an SAT and/or ACT score.
    • Be willing to teach in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) or special education licensure area in a North Carolina public school, traditional or charter.

    All applicants are strongly encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions page prior to submitting an application.

    Deadline: January 11, 2021


    This scholarship for NC State University applicants covers tuition and fees, housing, and meals, up to $20,000 per year. Applicants must be invited to apply.

    To receive an automatic invitation to apply, a student must:

    Students interested in self-nominating for this scholarship can complete the self-nomination application from November 1, 2020 to December 1, 2020.. For more information, visit this site.           Interested students can also e-mail questions to: goodnightscholarship@ncsu.edu or contact         919-515-7485.

    Deadline: January 11, 2021


    What if you didn’t have to worry about how to pay for college? Air Force ROTC offers a variety of scholarships that will help relieve the financial burden of your college education. That way, you can focus on preparing for your future.

    Air Force ROTC scholarships cover your tuition and most lab fees. Also, you’ll receive an annual textbook allowance and up to a $500 spending cash monthly stipend. A variety of full and partial scholarships are available, and certain scholarships have specific requirements. You can learn more about that here.


    Deadline: January 14, 2021


    East Carolina University has a variety of scholarships available to incoming freshmen, transfer students,
    and existing students. The university now utilizes an on-line application portal for most of the scholarships offered to both incoming and existing students. Incoming students have to have been admitted for attendance in order to have access to the portal. Scholarship opportunities can be located by visiting the ECU On-line Scholarship Management System - ECUAward - at https://ecu.academicworks.com.

    Applicants use their ECU credentials (Pirate ID and password) to gain access to the general scholarship application and a variety of conditional applications and "apply to" opportunities that may display on your student scholarship dashboard should you be eligible for those programs.


    Deadline: Varies between October 15 or January 15


    The Elon University Odyssey Scholarships are highly selective merit based scholarships awarded to prospective members of the Freshman Class who demonstrate financial need. Students who complete the Odyssey Scholarship application will be considered for a variety of scholarships. These scholarships range in value from $7,500 to $37,000 per year and include grants up to $4,000 for global study, internships, service, research, or leadership. Applications are available onine at this site.

    Deadline: January 15, 2021.


    Elon Teaching Fellows Program is a four-year sequenced, developmental and transformational $29,500 scholarship opportunity for the preparation of teachers who will become leaders in the field.

    The Elon Teaching Fellows Program is a model for the preparation of teaching leaders and scholars who contribute significantly to the quality of birth-12 education and who are influential in decision-making on the local, state, national and international levels. Through an increasingly complex four-year experience, this program prepares future teachers to think critically and embrace diversity, lead within and beyond the classroom, and participate meaningfully in a global society.  

    After applying to Elon, students may apply to the Fellows Programs.

    Deadline: January 15, 2021


    BBB Torch Scholarships recognize students who personify high ethical standards as demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall personal integrity, and academic history.


    Deadline: January 29, 2021


    According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, young people spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming media–and this doesn’t include computer use for schoolwork. With technology always at the ready at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to unplug. But taking a break from technology is healthy for both the mind and body.

    The Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship is offered to help you understand the negative effects of too much screen time. You must be a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or a current or entering college or graduate school student of any level. Home schooled students are also eligible. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship. 

    To apply, visit https://scholarships360.org/technology-addiction-awareness/.

    Deadline: January 30, 2021



    The Careers in Conservation Scholarship Program's goal is to increase the number of qualified people committed to working in the field of natural resource management thereby supporting the mission of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Scholarship recipients will be students who are currently pursuing or have firm plans to pursue a college degree in natural resource management or other closely related fields. 

    Application Information and Eligibility Criteria can be found at:


    Application Form can be found out:


    Deadline: February 7, 2021


    The Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship (FKMS) honors the memory of the first president of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of North Carolina, Florence Hill Kidder.

    • Six scholarships will be awarded in one year: First place - $3,000, second place - $1,000, third place - $800 and three fourth places - $400.
    • Scholarships are not renewable.
    • Awarded to a high school senior who plans to attend a post-secondary institution in North Carolina.

    For more information and the application, please visit: https://www.ncdames.org/florence-kidder-memorial-scholarship

    Awards range from $400 to $3000

    Deadline: February 7, 2021


    The Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) is proud to offer the Matthew C. Graziadei Achievement Scholarship Award to a North Carolina high school senior with a disability.  This award includes a $1,500 scholarship, to be used for any post high school learning experience/training or for equipment/technology needed for employment.


    ALL North Carolina students with disabilities are eligible for nomination.  Including students enrolled in the Occupation Course of Study, students who will be receiving a Graduate Certificate and students enrolled in the Future Ready Course of Study.

    One copy of the completed, signed application packet must be received by Wednesday, February 10, 2021.  Winner and finalists, if applicable, will be selected by April 15th and the Individual nominating the student or the high school counselor will be notified by May 3. Incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible and rejected.

    For more information, please visit:  https://www.ecac-parentcenter.org/ecac-news/applications-now-being-accepted-for-the-2021-matthew-c-graziadei-achievement-scholarship-award/

    Deadline: February 10, 2021


    HSF empowers families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing scholarships and support services to as many exceptional students as possible.
    Founded in 1975, HSF has awarded over $650 million in scholarships. HSF Scholars have access to valuable Scholar Support Services and, as funding permits, scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000.
    • Must be of Hispanic heritage
    • U.S. citizen, permanent legal resident, or DACA
    • Minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for high school students; minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for college and graduate students
    • Plan to enroll full-time in an accredited, public or not-for-profit, four-year university, or graduate school, in the U.S., for the 2021-2022 academic year
    • Submit the FAFSA or state-based financial aid forms (if applicable)
    • To get started, visit HSF.net and log into or create your MyHSF profile to access the HSF Scholar Application

    Deadline: February 15, 2021


    Alzheimer’s Foundation of America offers the AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship -- an
    annual $5,000 scholarship awarded to one deserving college-bound student, and $500 and $250 scholarships awarded to the first and second runner-up, respectively. Applicants are required to submit an autobiography and write a 1,200-1,500 word essay that answers the following questions: How has Alzheimer’s disease changed or impacted your life? and What have you learned about yourself, your family and/or your community in the face of coping with Alzheimer’s disease? 

    Applications are available online at https://alzfdn.org/young-leaders-of-afa/afa-teens/ .

    Deadline: February 15,2021

    SECU "People Helping People" SCHOLARSHIP

     Students are eligible for this $10,000 scholarship if they meet the following requirements

    • Must be attending a NC regular public High School
    • Are members of NC SECU or are eligible for membership through parents that are members
    • Must be a US Citizen and resident of NC
    • Must be attending one of the 17 UNC system universities
    • Must have a 2.5 GPA
    • Must have demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity and community involvement
    • Eligible students may NOT be a direct family member of a SECU employee (includes siblings, parents, grandparents, or anyone living with the student).

    **Preference is given to students whose parents or guardians and family members are public sector employees who live and work in NC, and also to students who will major in an area related to public service**  

    A nominee and an alternate will be selected by the EWHS scholarship committee and forwarded to WCPSS for further consideration. 

    Students cannot apply directly to SECU for this scholasrhip and must submit the preliminary application to the school for consideration.

    Scholarship applications are available here and must be returned to Ms. Lynch in Student Services via email (mlynch3@wcpss.net) by 3 pm on Friday February 19, 2021.

    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

    The application is a FILLABLE FORM and should be saved and submitted as a word document.

    Deadline: February 19, 2021. 


    African-American female student attending public high school in Wake County, North Carolina and who desires to attend a 2- or 4-year college or a specialized accredited trade school (such as culinary arts). Priority will be given to a student who needs financial assistance and who has demonstrated strength of character and a desire to further her education in a field of her choice.

    How to Apply

    Click HERE to enter the NCCF Online Application System. When prompted for an access code, use: katie

    Deadline: February 19, 2021

    Visit https://nccu.academicworks.com/ for a listing of endowed scholarships at NC Central University.  To apply to scholarships which require an application, you must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access the campus login portal. You will then have the opportunity to complete a general application and, if applicable, apply for specific scholarships.
    Deadline:  February 28, 2021


    The American Legion Auxiliary’s Children of Warriors National Presidents' Scholarship is awarded every year to high school students who have high academics and are leaders in their communities. It is open to students who plan to attend a four-year U.S. college or university. The scholarship may be used for college tuition, room and board, books, fees and other college expenses. Applicants must be descendants of Veterans who served in the Armed Forces. This can include WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon and Grenada, Panama, and Desert Storm, Gulf War or the War on Terrorism. The scholarship is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary to support the children of Veterans and to honor the sacrifices of warriors who fought for our freedom.

    Each year, 15 students are awarded with scholarships to help them pursue higher education. In addition to academics, qualifying students must demonstrate that they committed 50 hours of community service during their high school years. Students applying for the scholarship must be in their senior year of high school.

    The award amount is $2,500 - $3,500.

    For more details, visit https://www.alaforveterans.org/Scholarships/Children-of-Warriors-National-Presidents--Scholarship/ 

    Deadline: March 1, 2021

    The newly established Sigma Scholars Inc. 501 (c) 3 foundation was established to provide scholarships to deserving Wake County Schools Seniors who have been accepted and who have committed to attending a Two-Year College (Associates Program) or Four-Year College (Bachelors Program) after graduation from High School. These scholarships are designed to provide some funding for educational expenses.
    To be eligible for the Scholarship, the student must:

    · Be a student in good standing with the high school

    · Be a United States citizen (subject to verification)

    · Parent/Legal Guardian and/or Student must be a resident in Wake County and be enrolled in a Wake County Public High School

    · Be a high school senior enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited postsecondary institution. Proof of enrollment is a condition of eligibility for a scholarship award and will be required before funds will be disbursed.)

    Interested students must complete the scholarship application along with the following:

    · A 400-word minimum typed essay (see essay topic on application).

    · Two (2) letters of recommendation (one must be from a teacher, counselor, or school official).

    · Official transcript of grades (3.0 GPA or higher required).

    · Community Service (minimum of 30 hours) -Must produce signed letter from an organization or church affiliation on official letterhead.

    · Current photo of applicant

    The application can be found here.

    Deadline: March 1, 2021

    NC Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarships

    Alpha Delta Kappa is an organization for women educators.  Every year, the state organization awards three scholarships of $2000 each to qualifying seniors on track to graduate and planning to attend a 4-year college or university.  The local Alpha Theta Chapter has shared the following $2000 scholarships with us:

    The Eunice Riggins Memorial Scholarship is open to any young woman who is currently graduating from an accredited public high school in North Carolina and who expects to enroll in a four-year college or university in North Carolina next fall. Specific eligibility requirements are: Academic rank in top 10% of class, good character and participation in extra-curricular activities (school and community). Financial need is not the primary consideration. Minimum SAT score of 1220 or ACT composite score of 25 has been waived this year due to pandemic.

     The Mary Rose Mills-Linda Rankin Memorial Scholarship is open to any student who is currently graduating from an accredited public high school in North Carolina and who expects to enroll in a four-year college or university next fall. Specific eligibility requirements are: Academic rank in top 10% of class, good character and participation in extra-curricular activities (school and community). Financial need is not the primary consideration. Minimum SAT score of 1290 or ACT composite score of 27 has been waived this year due to pandemic.

     The Clare Johnson Marley-Mary Earle Berger Fine Arts Scholarship is open to any student who is currently graduating from an accredited public high school in North Carolina and who expects to enroll in a four-year college or university next fall, and who is declaring as his/her major in an area of the fine arts. Specific eligibility requirements are: Academic rank in top 20% of class, good character and participation in extra-curricular activities (school and community). Financial need is not the primary consideration. (Samples of talent are required to be submitted with the application).  Minimum SAT score of 1220 or ACT composite score of 25 have been waived this year due to pandemic.

     Applications for these three scholarships can be found on Kaleidoscope at:




    Alpha Delta Kappa Student Achievement Scholarship

    This $2000 scholarship is available for application to students who meet the follwoing criteria:

    *Graduating senior of an accredited North Carolina high school pursuing a degree at a school of higher learning, either a 2-year or 4-year college or university

    *An unweighted GPA of 2.5 to 3.5

    *An SAT score of 990 to 1130 or an ACT composite score of 20 to 24

    * Applicants are also judged based on their service to school, community and church, as well as their good character, integrity and leadership potential.

    This scholarship is designed for students with grades and scores falling within these ranges only. Students with lower or higher scores will not be considered.

    For more information and access to the application for the Alpha Delta Kappa Student Acheivement Scholarship, please visit this page.

    Deadline: March 1, 2021 (for all ADK Scholarships)


    The Benjamin F. Ward Scholarship, administered by the Triangle Community Foundation, provides financial assistance to individuals seeking to further their education at a public or private college or university in North Carolina. Applicants must reside in Wake County, demonstrate a commitment to community service and involvement, demonstrate a 2.5+GPA and family financial need. Awards will be valued at $2,500 per academic year, renewable for up to four years, for a total award of $10,000 per student. Scholarships can be used for tuition, required fees, textbooks, and room and board. Applications are available online at 


    Deadline: March 1, 2020


    American Chemical Society awards renewable scholarships to African American, Hispanic, and American Indian students who want to enter the fields of chemistry or chemistry-related fields. Awards of up to $5,000 are given to qualified applicants based on academic standing, financial need, career objective, leadership skills, and involvement in school activities and community service.

    Apply online at this site.

    Deadline: March 1, 2021


    This aim of this scholarship is to support students who have lost a parent or guardian. The loss of a parent or guardian is one of life’s most difficult ordeals. Recognizing the character and perseverance that so many young people show in the face of such adversity, the LIFE Foundation sponsors the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program for college-bound high school seniors. Qualified entrants who submit essays or videos about how the death of a parent or guardian impacted their lives are eligible for a Grand Prize of $15,000 in scholarship money.

    The entire application for this program can be found online at http://www.lifehappens.org/life-lessons/.

    Deadline: March 2, 2021.

    NCHSAA Jerry McGee Endowed Student Scholarship

    Awarded to two senior year high school student-athletes from North Carolina High School Athletic Association member schools each year. This award is unique in that it honors both male and female student-athletes who have distinguished themselves by overcoming adversity and returned to excel beyond expectations in their scholastic athletic sport(s). Each recipient receives a one-time, $1,500.00 award. To review and apply, visit https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/51668-North-Carolina-High-School-Athletic-Association-Inc

    Deadline: March 13, 2021 


    African-American Network-Carolinas Scholarship

    Purpose:  The African American Network is Duke Energy employee resource group of African American employees. As part of it's mission, the African-American Network- Carolinas Chapter provides scholarships to college-bound students from North and South Carolina who are pursuing a major in engineering, math, science, computer science, accounting, finance or business administration.

    Scholarships will range up to $2,000 at the discretion of the AAN-C scholarship committee. Scholarships are renewable.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Graduating senior at a North or South Carolina high school.
    • Applicants must have a 3.0 minimum GPA.
    • Must attend full-time at a four-year college or university located in North or South Carolina.
    • Must enroll in engineering, computer science, the sciences, accounting, finance or business administration.
    • Must be an American citizen and a member of a race/ethnic category typically considered "people of color."

    For more information, please visit https://fftcscholarships.communityforce.com/Funds/Search.aspx and search for "Duke Energy."

    Deadline: March 5, 2021

    FACTS for Youth

    FACTS for Youth is proud to announce it's first FACTS Scholarship for graduating high school seniors. Preference will be given to applicants who have shown involvement in high school, college and community activities. Applicants must show leadership qualities within and beyond their peer group and must have taken initiatives in school and/or the broader civic life of the community. Three lucky students will receive a $500 scholarship towards their college funds.

    To apply students must meet the follwoing criteria:

    Have residence status in Wake or Durham County
    Be a graduating high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 Scale
    Provide proof of completed community service, minimum of 20 hours
    Must plan to attend a college , university, or trade school program for the upcoming
    school year as a full-time student.
    Submit their transcript, academic resume, a recommendation letter and an essay

    For more information and essay prompts, view the following file.

    Deadline: March 15, 2021

    The John Kirkman Honorary CTE Scholarship and the LeeAnn Tuttle-Thomas Memorial CTE Scholarship are now open for applications.  
    John Kirkman Honorary CTE Scholarship (Kirkman Scholarship)
    One $1500 state scholarship
    Eight $100 regional scholarships

    LeeAnn Tuttle Thomas Memorial Scholarship (Thomas Scholarship)
    One $1500 state scholarship 
    Be a CTE concentrator.
    Be a full-time student3.0 unweighted grade point average (GPA)
    Be accepted into an accredited college or university
    A copy of your high school transcript
    Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a Career and Technical Education teacher/instructor
    Completed application
    Picture (head shot)
    Each high school is allowed to submit one application for each award to WCPSS Central Office for further consideration.
    ALL INTERESTED APPLICANTS SHOULD CONTACT MS. COBLE at kcoble@wcpss.net for more information if they are interested in applying.
    Deadline: March 1, 2021 (to contact Ms. Coble)

     Wake Electric is offering two scholarships for college students: the coveted Fred M. Alford Memorial Scholarship for $2,000 and sixteen Touchstone Energy Scholarships for $1,250.

    To be eligible for these scholarships, the student must live in a home serviced by Wake Electric.

    All applications will be under consideration for one of the two scholarship categories. Students only need to submit one application to be considered for both scholarship programs.

    The $2,000 Fred M. Alford Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to the top candidate selected by an independent judging panel. Requirements for this scholarship include the following criteria:

    · Must be a child of or under legal guardianship of an active Wake Electric member or live in a home served by Wake Electric

    · Must be a high school graduating senior (cannot already be attending college)

    · Must pursue a regular full-time four-year undergraduate course leading to a baccalaureate degree

    · Must pursue a four-year undergraduate baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution in North Carolina.

    Sixteen Touchstone Energy Scholarships for $1,250 will also be awarded. These scholarships are not limited to recent high school graduates, and may be used at one of the state's community colleges, vocational or technical schools, as well as at a four-year college. The requirements for these scholarships are:

    · Must be a child of or under legal guardianship of an active Wake Electric member or live in a home served by Wake Electric

    · Must use these funds at a North Carolina college or university, community college, vocational or technical school for full-time enrollment

    · Applicants can be a high school graduating senior or already enrolled full-time in a university, community college, vocational, or technical school

    To find out more on the requirements for both scholarships and to download an application, please visit wemc.com/scholarships or download the application here. .

    The deadline to submit applications to the Wake Electric Scholarship Program is Wednesday, March 17, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. Any applications received AFTER March 17 (even if they are postmarked March 17) will be disqualified.

    Deadline: March 17, 2021 at 5 PM

    Rotary Club of the Capital City-Robert N. Styres Scholarship

    The Robert N. Styres Scholarship is awarded annually to a Wake County Public High School graduate to attend a college, university or community college of the student's choice, and is renewable for 4 years.

    Please refer to the following link to receive additional information regarding the Robert N. Styres Scholarship: www.rotaryclubcapitalcity.org. The value of the scholarship is a $4,000.00 award per year, granted $2,000.00 per semester. The Scholarship is renewable, as long as the student is enrolled full-time and is making satisfactory academic progress, not to exceed eight (8) consecutive semesters for a total award of $16,000.00. We are seeking one nominated student from each public high school in Wake County and would appreciate a nomination from you and your school. 

    While academic achievement is important, the scholarship is not necessarily intended for the young man or woman with the highest grade point average, rather, for a student with good to average grades who is a hard worker and who may have overcome some adversity along the way

    For more information please see Ms. Lynch in Student Services and be prepared to submit an interest form in the form of a resume of activities by 3/27 and a short essay about adversity you have overcome). 

    EAST WAKE HIGH SCHOOL CAN NOMINATE 1 STUDENT FOR THIS AWARD.  All submissions will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and the nominee will be notified in time to complete the application by April 10. 

    Deadline: March 22, 2021 (for interest form to Ms. Lynch).

    Zebulon and Wendell Rotary Clubs

    The Zebulon and Wendell Rotary Clubs, through the East Wake Education Foundation, offer both $500 and $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors.    

    These scholarships are intended to award students for academic standing, leadership in community and school participation. 

     The selection criteria are (Equal weight will be given to each of the four categories). :

          Academics- Overall academic standing determined by grade point average, class rank and SAT/ACT score.

          Community Service- Participation in community service activities.

          School Leadership- Service in leadership positions in school related activities.

          School Activities- Participation in school sports, cheerleading, band, drama, chorus, newspaper, yearbook, etc.

    Completed applications should be mailed to Shannon White at swhite@eastwakeeducationfoundation.org. You will receive an email when your application is received. If you do not receive a confirmation email your application was not received. Only students that receive scholarships will be contacted by East Wake Education Foundation.


    Deadline:  March 25th, 2021 (BY NOON)

    The William Gaston Allen Scholarship is providing scholarships for deserving students 

    Eligibility requirements:

    Applicants must:

    Be high student seniors.

    Have a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

    Be from Wake, Wayne or Brunswick County, North Carolina.

    Demonstrate financial need.

    Have been enrolled in the local high school full time during his or her junior and senior year.

    Have demonstrated sincere interest in, and commitment to, pursue higher education.

    Have demonstrated interest in enhancing personal potential.

    Demonstrate traits of high personal character and leadership.

    Be planning to attend full-time an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, technical, trade, or professional school.

    Scholarship specifics:

    Scholarships may be renewed on an annual basis for up to three additional years (or until the bachelor’s degree is obtained, whichever is earlier) provided they maintain their undergraduate status and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0.
    Eligible applicants can apply at www.scholarshipprograms.org/allen

    Deadline: March 30, 2021

    Upsolve is a national legal services nonprofit funded by the federal government and Harvard University. As a nonprofit that uses tech to help Americans access their civil rights, they are passionate about social innovation. To empower the next generation of change-makers, they are encouraging students to submit short essays (500-1000 words) on how society can improve access to justice. The winning essay will receive $2,500.
    These are the eligibility requirements:
    - Must be currently attending university or college or set to attend during 2021-2022 academic year;
    - Must apply via email and provide their name, university or college, major, and expected graduation month and year;
    - Must be in good standing with their current or prospective institution;
    - Provide their application (a two-page essay on your ideas for a more equitable legal system) by March 31, 2021
    For more information about our scholarship program at https://upsolve.org/scholarship/
    Deadline: March 31,2021
    Please note this is different from the Raleigh Wake Chapter Scholarship listed below...
    The NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. offers several “NATIONAL ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIPS” to students at North Carolina Central University. These scholarships vary in amount and may be renewable annually for up to four years. Recipients of these awards are designated as National Alumni Scholars. Since the alumni of North Carolina Central University are traditionally committed to high academic achievement and service to society, it follows that the purpose of the National Alumni Scholarship Program will be to assist North Carolina Central University in attracting to its campus outstanding students who exhibit high academic, citizenship, leadership characteristics, and desire to contribute positively to the quality of study and life at the University.
    Only those who have at least 3.0 “B” weighted grade point average and a SAT/ACT (Math/Reading/Writing) score of 1210/17 or above will be considered for alumni scholarships.*
    For more information and the link to the application, please visit this site.
    Deadline: March 31, 2021
    The O’Berry Center Foundation offers up to a $1,000 academic scholarship with the possibility of being renewed up to four years to an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in one of the following fields:
    Four Year Degree or Graduate Degree (Examples of Degree Fields Honored):
    Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Psychology, Special Education, Nursing,
    Speech/Language Pathology, or Public Health Administration who has an interest in and the intent of serving
    persons with developmental disabilities.
    Two Year Degree (Examples of Degree Fields Honored):
    Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, LPN, Recreational Therapist
    Assistant, who has the interest in and the intent of serving persons with developmental disabilities.
    Applicant must have already been accepted into the degree program in order to be accepted. Applications will
    not be accepted for prerequisite work for a degree program. You may be called for an interview.
    An undergraduate or graduate student must meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for the
     Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.
     Have a high school cumulative grade point average of 2.8; Have an undergraduate cumulative grade point
    average of 2.5 or higher; Have a graduate cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
     Continue to major in one of the degree programs cited above with the intent to work with persons with
    developmental disabilities.
     Demonstrate evidence of volunteer (or paid) experience working with persons with developmental
    disabilities or evidence of involvement in research related to persons with developmental disabilities.
     Have a financial hardship
    For additional information and application, please visit   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rYmQ4OY0ASJ8IuultsJoNYGD8N5NUGZh/view
    Deadline: March 31, 2021

    Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Wake Chapter

    The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Wake Chapter has established a $500 scholarship for a high school senior with hearing loss who resides in Wake County and is seeking acceptance or has been accepted at an accredited university, college or community college. Applicants must have a moderate hearing loss or more and wear a hearing aid(s) and/or cochlear implant(s). Financial need is not a consideration. The scholarship is a one-time award and will be sent to the recipient when s/he begins classes.

    The application form can be found at: Application Form

    The Recommendation form can be found at: Reference Form

    Deadline: March 31, 2021


     The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international fraternal organization for teachers, is sponsoring a scholarship competition for seniors in the Wake County Public School system. The Jane Smith/Brenda Marbell Scholarship is a one-time award of $1,000.00.

    Requirements are as follows:

     ●       Completion of application form

    ●        Applicant must be in the top 25 % of the senior class

    ●        Transcript with first semester grades, test scores, and class rank (Unofficial transcript is fine due to current limitations)

    ●        Essay must be written without assistance and accompanied by verification that the essay was begun and completed in the presence of a teacher or parent/guardian.

    ●        Letter to Gamma Lambda indicating goals, career plans, and reasons for applying

    ●        Information on school and community activities

    ●        Two letters of recommendation, one of which should be from a teacher who has taught the applicant

    Materials and any questions should be submitted to: ADKGammaLambdaScholarship@gmail.com

    Download the application HERE.

    Deadline: April1, 2021


    The Woman’s Club of Raleigh offers the Ann Collins Scholarship, the Helen Graham Scholarship, and the Lois Fisher Scholarship valued at $1,000 each to public school high school seniors who will be attending a North Carolina college or university.  For a complete list of criteria and the application, please visit this site .

    Deadline: April 2, 2021


    The sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and provide assistance to persons in need. Each year our organization recognizes hundreds of students across the nation for their scholastic achievements.

    Applicants will complete a common application. Applicants will not be permitted to apply for any one(1) scholarship, instead the application will be reviewed and scored and considered for all eligible scholarships. If the applicant would like to be considered for the Arts & Letters Award, they must submit a piece of creative work.

    Upon selection, the applicant will be notified via email and by phone. Should the applicant have any questions, they can email kwfscholarship@kwfalumnae-dst.org.

    All scholarships must meet the minimum criteria unless otherwise noted:

    - African American HS (Wake County) and Collegiate Students in the Triangle
    – Minimum GPA 2.75 (All Scholarships) – Unweighted
    – Accredited 4 year and 2 year college
    – Transcripts: HS (Unofficial/Official required upon selection) Collegiate (Official Required upon application)

    Apply for all scholarships with 1 application!

    There are 12 different scholarships that cover a variety of majors and areas of interest!

    Please visit https://kwfalumnae-dst.org/scholarships/ for the application and more information

    Deadline: April 2, 2021


    The McNair-Harris Crescent Foundation has been able to award scholarships to students annually for the past 25 years. Awardees and parents are also invited to attend our Community Recognition and Scholarship Luncheon, the Sapphire Awards, to show our appreciation for their accomplishments.

    AMOUNT: $500


    2.5 GPA

    Class of 2021 graduate

    2 recommendation letters

    Reside in Durham, Wake or Orange counties


    McNair-Harris Crescent Foundation Scholarship Application - 


    Deadline: April 2, 2021 


    The Raleigh-Wake Chapter of the North Carolina Central University Alumni Association will award scholarships (a minimum of $1000) to seniors graduating from Wake County High Schools that plan to attend NCCU based on the following criteria: 

    • Wake County, NC resident
    • Graduating high school senior
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA (unweighted) and SAT/ACT score of 900+ (ACT equivalent)
    • Admitted to NCCU
    • TO APPLY: Visit www.nccuraleighwake.org to download the scholarship application

    Deadline: April 9, 2021


    The local Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa is offering one or more scholarships of at least $2000 to a Wake County Public School System senior who plans to enter the field of Education.

    Applicants need to submit:

    1) this form https://forms.gle/nsKSEGevcSVCsozj9, which will include uploading a copy of your high school transcript, ACT/SAT Scores (optional), and a personal essay. Essays should be one-three pages, typed, double-spaced, and include information about you and your family; your school, church, and civic extracurricular activities; your future education plans; and your career goals in the field of education. 
    2) two letters of recommendation from teachers who taught you during your junior or senior year. Teachers should be instructed to use school letterhead and to email the letter to pmooreobx@gmail.com prior to the APRIL 9TH DEADLINE.
    Deadline: April 9, 2021


    Robert Franklin Black Scholarship Fund


    Individuals between the ages of 16 and 30 who have received or are expecting to receive a high school degree or its equivalent and whose parent or legal guardian is a resident of Durham, Orange, or Wake County, NC. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, and adversity the applicant has encountered. The individual must have applied to and be planning to attend an accredited institution of higher learning within one year of the application deadline. The scholarship may not be used for graduate education. **PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must show evidence of having overcome adversity and should be certain to address this in their application essay.**

    For more information and access to the application, please visit this site.

    Deadline: April 16, 2021


    The Raleigh Engineers Club is now accepting applications for the 2021 Raleigh Engineers Club Scholarship. The Raleigh Engineers Club (REC) has been in existence since 1926. The Club promotes engineering as a profession through monthly technical meetings and support of those pursuing a future in an engineering discipline. Our members have diverse backgrounds in engineering and represent many organizations located in the greater Raleigh area.


    The greatest impact REC offers annually is to provide one scholarship during the spring of each year to a Wake County HS Senior who has been accepted into the College of Engineering at NC State University and plans to attend the fall semester of that year. The scholarship is valued at one semester of tuition at the in-state rate. Money to fund the scholarship is provided by member donations, member employer matching grants and a $500 grant from the NC Society of Engineers.


    The winner will be selected from a pool of candidates consisting of students, from any Wake County high school, who meet the scholarship criteria and submit a complete application.

    A complete application consists of:

     - The REC Scholarship Questionnaire (found here)

    - A scan of your NCSU - College of Engineering Acceptance Letter

    - A scan of your most current high school transcript

    - A Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member familiar with you*


    Send the Questionnaire and one scan (PDF) of the Acceptance Letter and Transcript together, in ONE EMAIL, to the following address: GeorgeSharpeJr@gmail.com

    *The Letter of Recommendation should be emailed separately by the faculty member to the same email address used for the application.


    Deadline: April 16, 2021 (5:00 PM)

    Cody Blue Pilkington Scholarship Fund

    The Cody Blue Pilkington Scholarship is available for application to North Carolina residents students who are entering their Freshman or Sophomore year to study any engineering, science or math curriculum at NC State University, are at least 18 years of age, are involved in a community service organization (preferably two), are non-smokers and substance-free, and maintain a 2.8 GPA or its equivalent should the grading scale change.

    For more information and access to the application, please visit this site.

    Deadline: April 16, 2021

    East Wake High School Alumni Scholarship Foundation

    The East Wake High School Alumni Association is made up of graduates of East Wake High School and, its predecessor, Vaiden Whitley High School. Membership is open to anyone who graduated from either school as well as active and former teachers.

    The Alumni Association’s purpose is to give back to the school and community that nurtured its members. We do that in a number of ways, such as awarding an annual scholarship to a graduating senior and by hosting events throughout the year to give members an opportunity to reconnect and network.

    The application can be found here.  All responses should be typed directly on to the form!  Printed applications and all accompanying documentation must be sumbitted by the deadline in order to be considered for this award. 



    There will be 3 total scholarships awarded, and they are as follows:

    Two scholarships in the amount of $5,000 will be given.  $3,000 will be given the first academic year, and $2,000 the next academic year as long as the recipients maintain the specified GPA. 



    One scholarship in the amount of $1,500 will be given to a student attending a community college payable in one installment during the first year. MINIMUM GPA OF 2.0 REQUIRED TO APPLY for the community college scholarship.


    These scholarships are ONLY available to EWHS seniors, so please take advantage of this opportunity!!!

    Deadline: April 20, 2021

    Crystal Creech Shepherd Scholarship (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority)

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated® Chi Rho Omega Chapter and the Cultivating Resources and Opportunities Community Foundation is excited to announce the opening of the 2021 Crystal Creech Shepherd Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship is open to high school female seniors planning to study full-time at an accredited four-year institution in Fall 2021 and who meet and/or submit the following supporting materials. 

    o   Have a minimum weighted grade point average (GPA) of 2.5

    o  Attend one of the below high schools OR live in Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell or Zebulon AND attend a Wake County charter, magnet or private school

          East Wake High School                            Rolesville High School

          Heritage High School                               Wake Forest High School

          Knightdale High School


    Application Checklist

    o   Online Application                             o   Personal Information

    o   Academic Information                       o   Leadership and Extra-Curricular Interest

    o   Community Service Activities             o   Awards and Recognitions

    o   Essay                                               o   Certification and Release Information

    o   Official High School Transcript (Submitted Separately if cannot upload)

    o  Two Letters of Recommendation (Submitted Separately)  Recommendations should be from an adult who can provide insight on your leadership, character, and academic drive (such as a teacher, school counselor, school administrator, or community/religious leader) and mailed to:

    Chi Rho Omega Chapter

    PO Box 434, Knightdale, NC 27545

    Attention: Scholarship Committee. 

    Students can visit www.chirhoomega-aka.com to apply.

    Deadline: April 25, 2021 by 11:59 pm