• Title 1 and Family and Community Engagement Center (F.A.C.E) Information 


    East Wake High School - Title 1 Information

    The Title I program in Wake County provides supplementary instructional support in the areas of reading and math. Schools qualify for Title I funding by demonstrating economic needs among their population.

    All Title I eligible schools in WCPSS operate under the schoolwide model. Title I funds may be used, with other school funding sources, to provide support to all students so that they may meet our high academic standards. Title I is a federally funded program that is one component of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015. 
    The ultimate goal of the Title I Program is to aid students in acquiring habits, attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to function as successful members of the school community. 

    A Parent's Right To Know

     Parents have a right to:

    • Request information about staff members' credentials. Ask your child's principal about how to do this or check the school's website for information.
    • Know how your child's school is performing. The North Carolina School Report Card for your child's school will be sent home after the state releases it. This typically occurs in November or December.
    • Previous school report cards
    • We believe it is essential to provide parents with pertinent and detailed information about their schools. 


    Family Engagement

    Each Title I-funded school provides several opportunities for parent and family learning throughout the year. To learn more about these events, please check the school’s website or contact the Family & Community Engagement Center Coordinator, Dr. Price @ kvprice@wcpss.net

    East Wake Family & Community Engagement Center | Whether your child is entering high school, ready for a work permit, or graduating, the East Wake High Family & Community Engagement Center takes pride in offering you quality customer service, convenience, and prompt personal attention. We provide a variety of services to ensure all EWHS students have the support they need to achieve academic success.  We will be offering the following workshops:



    Student Orientation/Introduction to the Magnet Theme/ Title 1 Meeting 

    August 23

    Beginning of the Year Needs Assessment 

    (Parent, Student, Teacher) 

    Sept. 1- Sept. 29

    Senior Night and Family Academy Session

    October 12    

    Juntos 4H and Juntos Family Meeting 

    October 12 

    College Tour 

    October 19      During the School Day

    AP, AVID, CCP Night  and Family Sessions 

    November 9  

    Juntos 4H

    November 9

    Juntos 4 H and Juntos Family Meeting 

    December 14 

    College Tour 

    December 14    During the School Day

    Middle of the Year Needs Assessment 

    (Parent, Student, Teacher) 

    Jan. 2- Jan. 27

    Juntos 4H

    Jan. 11

    Meet the Teacher, Registration, and Sessions 

    February 6

    College Fair 

    February 8     During the School Day

    Juntos Worksop 

    February 8 

    Juntos 4H, Juntos Family Meeting and Workshop

    February 15

    Juntos Workshop

    February 22 

    College Tour

    February 22    During the School Day

    Career and Job Fair 

    February 29

    Juntos 4H

    March 14 

    College Tour 

    March 21         During the School Day

    Juntos 4H

    March 21

    End of the Year Needs Assessment 

    (Parent, Student, Teacher)

    April 1- April 26 

    Juntos 4H and Juntos Family Meeting 

    April 11 

    Night of Excellence and Cultural Fair 

    April 11   

    Juntos 4H and Juntos End of Year Celebration

    April 25

    College Tour

    April 25           During the School Day

    Juntos 4H

    May 9

    Juntos 4H

    May 29 

    Family Academy| The Family Academy presents free workshops and events for families at community sites in Wake County throughout the year ( Click Here). The Family Academy provides families with tools to support academic success and bring schools, families, and community partners together.

    East Wake High School's Home-School Compact

    A Home-School Compact is an agreement between parents, students, and staff. It explains how families and staff members will work together to make sure all students get the support they need to reach high student achievement.

    The Home-School Compact is located on the EWHS website.