• Advanced Placement Information 

      The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers students the opportunity to engage in rigorous college-level course work in a high school setting. AP courses support students in cultivating important skills and habits of mind that are essential for college and career readiness. Additionally, students may receive higher consideration for admission to colleges and universities, as well as possible college or university course credit and/or placement.

      For more information please go to the AP page of College Board
      New AP Daily Videos for Students
      AP Daily returns. Live Review sessions began April 19 and stream live through April 29. Students and educators can access these free sessions on our YouTube channel or watch them as on-demand recorded videos in AP Classroom.

      Important Testing Information

      The following exams will be taken digitally/online at home:
      English LiteratureTuesday, May 18 at 12:00pm
      US History- Wednesday, May 19 @ 12:00pm
      World HistoryThursday, May 20 @ 12:00pm
      PsychologyThursday, May 20 @ 4:00pm
      English LanguageWednesday, May 26 @ 12:00pm
      BiologyThursday, May 27 @ 12:00pm
      Environmental ScienceThursday, May 27 @ 4:00pm
      Human GeographyFriday, May 28 @ 12:00pm
      The follow exams will be taken at school, in-person, using paper/pencil exams.
      AP SpanishFriday, May 21 @ 8:00am
      AP CalculusMonday, May 24 @ 8:00am (there is now a digital/at-home option for June 9th at 12:00pm- please check your email for details)
      AP Physics 1Monday, May 24 @ 12:00pm (there is now a digital/at-home option for June 9th at 4:00pm- please check your email for details)
      Step 1: Download and Install the Digital Testing Application and Log In: Students must download the digital testing application on the computer you will test on
      • For students with personal computers, desktops and mac's, the digital testing application is now available at cb.org/ap2021examapp. Click on the link and install the application
      • If you have a school-managed Chromebook, the app will show up on your log-in screen under "Apps". Click here to follow instructions to log-in to the app on a school-managed device/Chromebook. 
      Step 2: Practice with example questions in the app: 
      Practicing with example questions in the digital testing app is the best way for students to prepare for digital exams. 
      Students can:
      • Try each type of multiple-choice and/or free-response question they’ll encounter on exam day.
      • Preview the flow of the exam and practice using the tools and features in the app.
      • Confirm that their technology works as expected, including any assistive technology for approved accommodations.
      Students will have access to two practice options:
      • Digital Practice: A longer option students can use to fully explore the digital testing application.
      • App Demo: A shorter option students can use to quickly confirm that the application is correctly installed, that questions display appropriately, and that they can enter answers.
      • On the home page of the digital testing app, the student can click Practice and go to the Active Practice tab to view the practice available for the exams they’re registered to take.

      It is important that you know which email address is associated with your College Board account. Please check your email frequently, particularly in the weeks before their digital exam. If you aren’t receiving email updates from the AP Program, you should:
      1. Sign into My AP (myap.collegeboard.org)
      2. Confirm your email address
        1. Click your profile in the top right corner.
        2. Go to Account Settings and confirm that your email address is the one you want to use for 2021 AP Exam reminders.
        3. If you need to change your email address, you should click Update.
      3. In Subscriptions, you should confirm you've checked the box to receive updates from College Board
      AP Testing Coordinator: Tiffany Robinson, TBRobinson@wcpss.net; 919-365-2625 ext. 21495

      AP @ East Wake Video  


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the advantages of taking AP courses?
      The main advantage of taking an AP course is advanced preparation for college. Additionally, students who score well on AP exams may receive college credit while still in high school. The AP exams are given every year in May. Scores are reported to the colleges designated by the student and range from 1 (no recommendation) to 5 (extremely qualified). Each college determines the scores to be accepted for credit. Colleges may award three, and sometimes six, hours of credit per test. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the colleges in which they are interested in to see if they accept AP exams for credits.

      What is the difference between an Honors and AP class?
      AP classes are college level courses that are more challenging and rigorous. AP classes require energetic, involved, and motivated students.

      Why should I take an AP class? What will it do to my GPA?
      Students who succeed in AP courses generally do well in college as a result of rigorous academic preparation. AP classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale. However, it is not advised to take numerous AP courses without serious consideration and teacher recommendations. Doing poorly in an AP course will affect your GPA.

      How much does it cost to take an AP course?

      There are no charges for taking an AP course at East Wake High School. However, if you elect to take the examination in the spring, the fee is approximately $95 per exam. Students may qualify for financial assistance from The College Board if necessary. Please see your school counselor to see if you qualify.

      If I take an AP course, do I have to take the exam?
      No. We recommend you discuss this with your AP teacher. Furthermore, if you do poorly on the exam, your score will not adversely affect your chances of college admittance (but doing poorly in the course will.