Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Monica Harris

Greetings Everyone!

My name is Monica Harris. I am a Southeast Raleigh, N.C. native as I was born here in 1972 and raised here, attending the Wake County Public School’s GT (Gifted and Talented magnet school curriculum.) I graduated from William G. Enloe Highschool in 1990 and attended North Carolina State University intending to major in Pre-med/Zoology but my plan didn’t quite come to fruition. Becoming a single mother of three, my priority became to provide for my children and to be physically present until they were grown. Now I have a rising 4th grader and am a grandmother of one. I fervently and consistently give my time to others as my ministry and purpose on this earth. Striving to fulfill my God-given purpose that He has chosen for me. What you see is what you get! Love and laughter are my fuel, while the gift of gab, spreading joy, and discerning where there is an urgent need to attend to and shedding light is my tool. I have learned through challenges and change to bask in the sunshine and dance in the rain. I look forward to taking flight on this new journey as an eagle and hope to enrich lives as they become intertwined with mine, take the reins and SOAR to new heights.