Supply Lists 2018-2019


    ***UPDATED JULY 30, 2018***


    Kindergarten supply list:


    *Please label only student’s backpack.

     1. Book bag large enough for 9x11 folder and large library book (no wheels, please)

     2. 2 large boxes of tissues

     3. 2 boxes of 24 Crayola brand crayons

     4. 1 pair of Fiskar brand scissors (blunt point only)

     5. 2 boxes of Ziploc bags (1 box each: quart, gallon size)

     6. 2 rectangular pink erasers

     7. 2 large containers of Baby wipes

     8. 2 large containers of Clorox wipes

     9. 2 bottles of 4 oz. Elmer’s school glue – no glue sticks

     10. 1 package-4 count Expo dry erase markers

     11. one 12 pack of yellow #2 pencils (not decorative)

     12. $7.00 (cash only) for class field trip tee shirt

     ** In addition to the supplies listed above, students will need supplies at home for doing homework. These will include: #2 pencils, 1 pair of Fiskar scissors, one bottle of Elmer’s school glue, and 24 Crayola crayons. Please keep these supplies in a container in a designated homework area at home.


     Kindergarten School Supply List

    Por favor, solo anote el nombre de su nino o nina en la mochila.

     1. Mochilla grande para llevar una carpeta de tamano 9X11 y libros grandes de la biblioteca (sin ruedas por favor)

     2. 2 cajas grandes de panuelos (Kleenex)

     3. 2 caja de crayones “Crayola” de 24 colores

     4. Tijeras de Fiskar (sin filo)

     5. 2 caja de bolsas Ziploc (cuarto y gallon)

     6. 2 rectangular goma rosa

     7. 2 Toallitas de bebes

     8. 2 Toallitas de Clorox

     9. 2 Pegamento de Elmer 4 oz.

     10. 1 paqueta de marcadores de borrado en seco Expo

     11. Un paquete de lapises de 12, amarillos del #12

     12. $7.00 (nadamas efectivo) para una playera que usaran en las excursiones del ano escolar.

     Los estudiantes tendran que tener sus utiles en casa para que ellos agan sus tares. Que son los siguientes: un lapis del #2, una tijera de fiskar, una botella de pegamento y crayones de 24 colores. Porfabor de tener estos utiles en una caja don de su hijo (a) ara su tarea.


    First Grade Supply List

    • $12-Scholastic News and class t-shirt (cash only please)

      Please put $ in an envelope with your child’s name and t-shirt size.

      10 glue sticks

      2 bottles of glue

      Lysol or Clorox Wipes

      Band-Aids (no designs)


      Pencil cap erasers

      Ziploc Bags( Boys-Gallon and Snack- Size)( Girls-Sandwich and Quart-size)

      2- Primary Composition Notebooks(black spine) blank space at the top and lines at the bottom

      2 Spiral Notebooks

      Hand Sanitizer

      3 Folders with Prongs(any color)

      4 boxes- 24 count crayons (1 box for each quarter)

      1 Lanyard for lunch/Library card

      Scissors- blunt tip

      Ticonderoga Pencils

      Dry Erase Markers

      Regular Markers


      Optional Supplies

      Treats for the Treasure Box (small toys, erasers, candy, gum, fancy pencils, stickers, rulers, party favors, etc.)

      Dry Erase Erasers

      Colored Ink Pens

      Paper plates

      Paper Towels


      Plastic Spoons

      Plastic Cups



      Post-it notes

      Earbuds or headphones for the computer

    (Individual teachers may request additional supplies)

    Second Grade Supply List

    • 2nd Grade Supply List

       ****Please do not label supplies

       24 Ticonderoga pencils

       8 Elmer's Glue sticks

       2 Packs Crayola Crayons

       1 Package wide ruled notebook paper

       1 pair safety scissors

       2 plastic 2 pocket folders (solid colors only) 

      2 black expo markers

       2 1 subject notebooks (solid colors only)

       1 pack thin tip Crayola markers

       1 pair earbuds with case- labeled (dollar store)

       1 box of tissues

       1 container Clorox wipes

       *There may be a few additions that are different for each teacher.

    3rd Grade Supply List

    • * 1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper (packaged)

      * 24 No. 2 Ticonderoga brand pencils (NO mechanical pencils!)

      * 3-4 Hi-Polymer white erasers (by Pentel)

      * 3-4 packages of cap erasers

      * 4-6 glue sticks

      * 3 two-pocket paper folders

      * 1 antibacterial hand gel (regular size NOT travel size)

      * 1 box of tissues (regular size)

      * 1 container of Clorox Wipes

      * GIRLS: 1 box zip-lock bags (any size)

      * BOYS: 1 box Band-Aids

      * 2 marbled composition books

      * 1 spiral bound sketch book (for Art)

      * Dry erase markers for student math boards

      * 1 pair black socks (child-size) to use as marker holder/eraser for student math boards

      * 1 pencil box

      * 1 box of crayons (24)

      * 1 box of color pencils (8-16)

      * 1 box washable markers (8)

      * 1 black fine-tip sharpie

      * Three 1” three-ring binders with clear insert on front

      * $6.00 cash for 3rd grade team shirts. These keepsake shirts will be kept at school and worn during school functions and on field trips. At the end of the year, your child's shirt will be sent home as a third grade souvenir! Please put money in an envelope with your child’s name and shirt size on the front (Note: T-shirts run small).

    4th Grade Supply List 

    • * Earbuds (must have at school daily) Dollar Tree

      * pencil box (2x4x8)

      * pencil pouch (fabric/zippered type) (separate from box)

      * Red pens

      * glue sticks (6)

      * Erasers (pencil top or pink flat)

      * Colored pencils

      * Pencils #2 (no mechanical pencils) plain yellow only NO DESIGNS

      * Pencil sharpener

      * Loose leaf paper (wide ruled) approximately 500 sheets per year

      * Scissors large

      * 6 marbled composition books (reading x2, math, social studies, science)

      * 1 heavy duty folder for homework (vinyl or plastic kind, not paper)

      * 1 large box of tissue

      * 1 large container of cleaning wipes (baby wipes, Lysol, Clorox etc.)

      * Canvas bag (like a grocery bag) (will be used only during school to take supplies from class to class)

      * Dry Erase Markers (all colors)

      * Index cards (one pack)

       ***Please do not buy anything that is fancy, just plain supplies. I know that the kids want the extra fluff but it really is more of a toy.

      ***Bring all supplies to school on the first day that will be needed for school.

       Class Wish List:

      Sharpies (all colors)

      Washable Markers

      Gallon/Quart size Ziploc bags

      Plastic/paper/Styrofoam cups

      Paper plates

      Pencils (yellow #2 only)

      Extra Dry erase markers (all colors)

      Hand Sanitizer

       Music Supplies: *composition notebook

      *$5.00 middle of the year for Recorder


               Ticonderoga Pencils

               Crayola Markers

               Crayola Crayons

               Black Sharpies


    5th Grade Supply List 

    • * 1 roll of paper towels

      * 5 packs of yellow pencils (Dixon or Ticonderoga)

      * 1 pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

      * 1 box of cap erasers

      * 8 glue sticks (Elmer’s or Rose Art)

      * 1 box of colored pencils

      * 1 pack of washable markers

      * 1 pair of large scissors

      * 1 spiral 5 subject notebook for Science

      * 1 spiral 5 subject notebook for Reading (Ms. Eise and Ms. Peck’s homerooms only)

      * (2) 1 subject notebooks for Reading (Mrs. Weaver and Ms. Ingram’s homerooms only)

      * 2 composition notebooks

      * 2 boxes of tissues

      * 2 large containers of Clorox cleaning wipes

      * 2 packs of Expo dry erase markers

      * 6 plastic folders with pockets, not prongs

      * 1 pack of red pens (girls)

      * 1 box of sandwich bags (boys)

      * 1 stylus

      * 1 pair of earbuds

      * 1 pack of highlighters

      * 1 pack of index cards

      * 2 packs of sticky notes

      ** Please bring ALL supplies on the first day!!!!


      * Gallon Bags

      * Dixie Bathroom Cups

      * Extra Glue sticks

      * Black sharpies

      * Extra Dry Erase Markers

      * Extra Pencils