Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kristin Stephens

Hi, I'm Kristin Stephens and I'm a Preschool Speech-Language Pathologist with the WCPSS Office of Early Learning. Vandora Springs Elementary has kindly offered me space to serve preschool students in the community with speech and language needs. I'm an Itinerant Preschool Speech-Language Pathologist, which means that I serve students whose parents bring them to designated speech sites at elementary schools. I also travel to serve students in preschool/day care settings and homes. I previously worked as a school-age Speech-Language Pathologist for 9 years at Zebulon Elementary and 2 years at Lincoln Heights Elementary. I took some time away from WCPSS when our children were younger, working part-time as a contract SLP with private practice speech companies and then returned to WCPSS to work with the Office of Early Learning in 2018. Thank you, Vandora Springs Elementary, for supporting Preschool Speech Services and the WCPSS Office of Early Learning!