• 2024-25 Registration Guide

    Registration Timeline

    • February 14- Registration video shown during Homeroom and registration packets distributed.
    • February 15- Meet the Teacher Night and Curriculum Fair (come and ask questions about courses of interest).
    • February 27- Registration window opens.  Applications become available for courses requiring one (see below).
    • February 27- March 22- Students will register for classes on their assigned date, with their 2nd period class.
    • March 22- Registration window closes.  Registration adjustment request form due (1 of 2 opportunities to adjust requests)
    • April 24- Course verification sheets distributed.
    • May 1- Deadline to return course verification sheet (2 of 2 opportunities to adjust requests), applications, and forms (NCVPS, Early Graduation, Midyear Graduation, and Early Release/Late Arrival).


    Registration Tips

    • Use your credit detail sheet to review your credit history before selecting courses
    • Check for pre-requisites and co-requisites for each course
    • Choose 8 primary (core and top electives) and 4 alternate elective courses
    • Be willing to take all of your alternate electives (you will likely get at least one and these cannot be listed in order of preference)
    • Discuss course selections with parent
    • No duplicate selections (do not enter a course as both a primary and alternate selection)


    Registration Materials for All Grade Levels