• Welcome to AFHS Student Services 

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    Tips for Making an Appointment (tutorial video). After booking their appointment, students will receive a confirmation email that should be presented to teachers before students leave class. It is the student's responsibility to attend their appointment; to limit class interruptions, counselors will not call students out of class for scheduled appointments.

    9th Grade Students: AFHS is lucky to have two counselors dedicated solely to our 9th grade students. Based on their last names, freshmen students work with either Mr. Donatini (A-K) or Ms. Borrero (L-Z). Starting 1/30/23, Ms. Borrero will be on leave for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year. Ms. Borrero's students can make an appointment with our Dean of Students, Ms. Wilson.

    10th-12th Grade Students: Once students reach 10th grade, they will remain with their assigned counselor until graduation. This ensures continuity for our families and provides students and counselors the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

    Parents: Please email your student's counselor to request an appointment. Do not use the calendar links below. Those time slots are shorter in duration, and we recognize that parents may need more time or flexibility when meeting with their student's counselor.

    Student Services Staff (click on the links below to access each staff member's appointment calendar, office phone number, and email address)

  • Dean of Students: Ashley Wilson

  • 9th Grade Counselor (A-K): Dave Donatini

  • 9th Grade Counselor (L-Z): Dania Borrero

  • 10th-12th Counselor (A-Co): Quzette Butler

  • 10th-12th Counselor (Cr-He): Gretchen Krueger

  • 10th-12th Counselor (Hi-Mc): Stacy Davidson

  • 10th-12th Counselor (Me-R): Jen Conley

  • 10th-12th Counselor (S-Z): Billy Lane

  • SAP Counselor: Fran Hughes

  • Career Development Coordinator: Tanya Guinn

  • Student Services Receptionist: Lauren Connors

  • Registrar: Jennapher Wall

  • Data Manager: Cathy Howard

  • Testing Coordinator: Amy Matthews

  • Financial Aid Advisor: Linda Brannan

  • Nurse: Christy DeBerry

  • School Psychologist: Susan Parker