• 2023-2024 Student Organizations Information          

    Types of Student Organizations

    There are different types of student organizations at Apex Friendship High School, which are listed below.  AFHS Student Activities Guidelines can be found HERE.

    • Honor Societies.  Generally, these organizations are aligned with a national organization that has set criteria for entry.  Each will have written information on the process and guidelines for requesting to join the organization.
      List of Honor Societies
    • Service Organizations.  Service organizations are focused on gathering students to build leadership in our school and community through service.  These organizations are open to all students who wish to participate.  Continued participation in the service club may be contingent on meeting certain guidelines for participation.
      List of Service Clubs
    • Co-Curricular Organizations.  These are organizations that support continued learning in a particular content area (ex - History Club, Spanish Club, etc.).  This includes CTSOs (Career & Technical Student Organizations).
      List of Co-Curricular Clubs
    • Student-Initiated, Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups.  These groups are initiated by students and are permitted to meet on school grounds during non-instructional times.  These could be related to a variety of topics.  Topics & areas of focus are not determined by the school. The role of the faculty adviser is solely to provide supervision for safety.  There are some clubs that have not identified an adviser and will work to do so when they return to school in late August.  Any club that is not able to obtain a faculty adviser will be dissolved.  We will update the list of clubs after the school year starts.  The List of Student Initiated clubs contains clubs, meeting locations and times based on the 22-23 school year.  More information will come regarding the meeting times, etc. for the 23-24 school year soon.  List of Student Initiated Clubs

    Requesting a New Student Club

    Students are able to request a new club now through September 28th.  If you are interested in starting a new club, please fill out this FORM and your application will be considered for approval.  


    Contact Jimmy Baughan, Assistant Principal, at jbaughan@wcpss.net