• About Us

    Apex Friendship is a comprehensive high school in Wake County, which opened in August for the 2015-2016 school year.  Here are some quick facts about our school:
    • It has 111 classrooms.
    • It is 315,752 sq.ft. and sits on 108 acres.        
    • Our 2022-2023 enrollment is estimated at about 2,800 students.
    • Our 2022-2023 staff includes about 140 teachers, 14 instructional assistants, 2 media specialists, 9 counselors, 8 administrators, and 11 support staff members.
    How was our school name determined?
    Less than a year after the end of the Civil War, recently emancipated slaves found a place where they could meet, hold religious services, and ultimately build a community alongside white merchants and farmers.  Soon after, Native Americans also settled among this area's inhabitants.  Ultimately, in recognition of the unique cooperative spirit that made their lives possible, community leaders agreed to call their settlement Friendship.  This is where Apex Friendship High School stands today!
    Check out more in this video about the history of Friendship!