• Transcripts & Sending SAT/ACT Scores 

    Seniors receive unofficial transcripts at the beginning of September, you will check for errors and contact your counselor by the designated due date, via email if there are errors. Re-ranking usually happens the 3rd week in September. 

    To order a transcript for a scholarship application please use: wcpss.scriborder.com and choose “scholarship” for the transcript reason.


    Current Students Requesting a Transcript for applying to college:

    If requesting a transcript for an IN-STATE college: 

    Student will log onto their personal CFNC account and order a transcript to be sent for FREE. This action will also automatically generate a FINAL transcript at the end of JUNE to be sent to any NC college the student has requested on their CFNC account while in High School. You can also track your transcript status through your CFNC account. Please Note: If you are applying to a college through CommonApp you MUST also set up the college through your CFNC account to receive the free transcript automatically sent at the end of the year. 

    If requesting a transcript for an OUT OF STATE college:

    Student will log onto the Wake County Website: wcpss.scriborder.com and click the transcripts button to order their transcripts to be sent to the out of state colleges they indicate. The first 3 transcripts are free. Scriborder will ask students for their school/graduating year and the college(s) they wish to send transcripts to. At the end of the school year (last week in June) students will also need to log into wcpss.scriborder.com to request the free FINAL transcript for the college of their choice. Once NCDPI finalizes transcripts for the state, your Scriborder transcript request will be processed and your FINAL transcript will be electronically sent to the college/university indicated on the Scriborder (usually the last week in June).

    Transcript Request Flow Chart

    Sending SAT/ACT Test Scores:

    Students receive copies of these scores directly from SAT/ACT. When you receive your score KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE. If you need it again you can contact the SAT or ACT websites listed below to follow the directions to access previous test scores and send them directly to colleges from the SAT/ACT websites. High schools do NOT send SAT/ACT scores to colleges. The student must log onto their SAT/ACT accounts to send those scores directly to the colleges.

    SAT website:     


    ACT website:     


     Already Graduated High School?

    Click wcpss.scriborder.com and choose the option for “GRADUATED STUDENT”