• Transcript Instructions for AFHS Students

    The first section here details college-specific transcript needs.  If you need a transcript for any other reason besides a college application, please scroll down to the section titled, "Other Transcript Needs."  

    Senior Transcripts are available to send for college applications upon completion of the fall senior rank, usually around the third week of September.  Please do not send transcripts prior to this date as the transcript will not be updated with the most current class rank and schedule information.  Student Services will announce the date that transcripts are ready.

    Transcript Flow Chart

    College Applications: Fall (when you apply) - the way students send their transcripts depends on where they are applying and how they applied:

    • In-State Colleges and Universities: 
      • If you applied using CFNC you must request your transcript through CFNC. Make sure your name and student ID are entered correctly in your profile. You are able to check the status of transcript requests via your CFNC account after it has been requested. YouTube tutorial for ordering transcripts through CFNC.  
      • If you applied using Common App or Coalition, you must add your counselor as your recommender so they can upload your transcript.  Counselors can only send initial and midyear transcripts, see below for final transcript requests.
    • Out-of-State Colleges and Universities:
      • If you applied using Common App or Coalition, your counselor can upload your transcript (as long as you have added them as your counselor recommender).  Counselors only send initial and midyear transcripts, see below for final transcript requests.
      • If you applied using the school's website, you may need to request your transcript through Scriborder. Students are able to request three free transcripts through Scriborder and then the cost is $5 per transcript.

    College Applications: Mid-Year Transcript (after 1st semester grades are finalized)

    Some schools may request a mid-year transcript. Those transcripts will be available after re-ranking occurs in mid-February. There are three scenarios to choose from when deciding how to send your mid-year transcript:

    1. IF you applied to any school via Common App or Coalition App: No action from the student is necessary. Your counselor will upload a copy of your mid-year transcript to any college/university you applied to through Common App or Coalition App.
    2. IF you applied to an in-state school and you did not use the Common App or Coalition App: You will use the Transcript Manager at CFNC to request your mid-year transcript.
    3. IF you applied to an out-of-state school and you did not use the Common App or Coalition App: You will order your mid-year transcript via Scriborder.

    College Applications: Final Transcripts

    Final Transcripts will be available in the last week of June - and ALL students are responsible for sending their final transcript.

    • Students attending In-State Universities: ALL students attending an in-state school (whether 2-year or 4-year) must request their final transcript via CFNC. This includes students who initially had their transcripts submitted via the Common App or another website. Students should make this request by mid-June as CFNC will begin releasing transcripts to colleges on June 22. If you need help or more information on how to request a transcript through CFNC, click here (scroll to "How to Send Transcripts to College" and look at the directions under "Send a transcript separately").
    • Students attending Out-of-State Universities: ALL students attending an out-of-state school (whether 2-year or 4-year) must request their final transcript through Scriborder. These requests will be held until transcripts are finalized (mid-June) and then sent to colleges.

    Other Transcript Needs:

    • Scholarships/Internships/Other.: Request these transcripts through ScribOrder and select the specific reason for the transcript request to the best of your ability. Please direct any questions regarding ScribOrder transcripts to our registrar, Ms. Wall (jjwall@wcpss.net).
    • Career College Promise (CCP): Please visit our CCP page for instructions and additional information.
    • Records Requests for students who are withdrawing to another school:  Students who are moving and need records sent to their next school will need to have a records request sent by their next school to the Registrar, Jennapher Wall, by fax or mail. (Fax number is 919-694-0526).
    • NCAA:  Students will need to register for the NCAA at www.eligibilitycenter.org.  Once students have registered online at the Eligibility Center, they will need to contact Mr. Greene (sgreene3@wcpss.net) during the school year or Ms. Wall (jjwall@wcpss.net) during the summer months to have their transcript added to their portal account.

    Sending SAT/ACT Test Scores:

    Students receive copies of these scores directly from SAT/ACT. When you receive your score KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE. If you need it again, you can contact the SAT or ACT websites listed below to follow the directions to access previous test scores and send them directly to colleges from the SAT/ACT websites. High schools do NOT send SAT/ACT scores to colleges. The student must log onto their SAT/ACT accounts to send those scores directly to the colleges.

    SAT website:     


    ACT website: