• SCHEDULING REMINDER: Schedules are NOT final until the FIRST DAY OF EACH SCHOOL SEMESTER. That means that what you see in Powerschool over the summer is not yet finalized and may change before the first day of class.

    Registration Steps:
    1. Review the Registration Presentation for Rising 10th-12th grade students for the 2022-23 school year. LINK
    This information was presented in homeroom to all rising 10th-12th grade students on 2/16/22
    2. Use the links in the Quick Reference Registration Guide for the 2022-23 school year to guide you when registering for courses. LINK
    3. Directions on how to select courses in Powerschool. LINK
    4. If you are registering for Application Courses, see below for links.
    Regarding Application Courses, Please Note:
    • Some courses require students to complete an application before being approved for the course.
    • When applying for an application course, YOU  MUST STILL PICK 8 COURSES AND 4 ALTERNATES on your registration schedule. 
    • Once you are approved for an application course, we will then remove one of the original courses you selected during registration. 
    Courses Requiring Application Approval: