While there is no one best activity for all students, this site is built to give families options about how to supplement and continue student learning during this initial time of closure. These resources will allow families to select activities that they can do with their child(ren).

    • Families should consider their child(ren)’s developmental age, attention span, strengths, areas to strengthen and interests of their child(ren) when selecting activities.
    • Most importantly, continue to balance learning with interaction with your child(ren) through reading, conversation and play, along with physical activity opportunities.


    Click Here for WCPSS approved websites.


    Click Here for UNC-TV resources.


    Click Here for NC Deprament of Public Instruction resources.


    Click Here for Center for Early Literacy Learning resources.


    Click Here for Letterland resources.


    Click Here for Scholastic resources.


    Click Here for Sesame Street resources.


    Click Here for Storyline Online Read Alouds.