PBIS at Kingswood 🐠

    What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a strategy that supports and celebrates positive behavior within our school and maximizes time for student learning. Teachers and students are engaged in lessons without interruptions due to behavior because all students are committed to "swimming" throughout the day. Clear expectations have been set for acceptable behaviors for all individual classrooms as well as all non-classroom settings.The students at Kingswood SWIM to success by following guidelines and expectations. When students complete desired expectations, students receive tickets. These tickets can be traded for rewards or privileges. Individual classroom teachers have different guidelines for trading in tickets and different rewards. An example of a reward is the student "hand prints" that are displayed on many of our walls. Students who earn 100 tickets for following "SWIM" expectations can trade those tickets in to make a hand print on the PBIS wall. This is a yearly goal for many of our Kingswood students.


    Each of the letters in the word "SWIM" stand for a different expectation. These expectations apply to all areas of the school. This vocabulary is reinforced continually throughout the school day by the whole Kingswood staff.

    Kingswood students swim when each of them:

                            I--IS KIND AND RESPECTFUL
                M--MANAGES ACTIONS

    Our daily goal is to "keep on swimming!"

    After school each day ask your child how he/she followed SWIM expectations throughout the day. Try to use the vocabulary when discussing appropriate behaviors. Allow your child to verbalize different strategies for continuing to follow expectations each day. Please communicate with your child's teacher if you have any questions about PBIS and specific strategies. Celebrate positive behavior!

    We encourage parents to continue the PBIS strategy at home. Have your family create their own list of expectations for different times during the afternoon and evening, for example homework/computer time, outdoor play, dinner, and bedtime routines. Celebrate positive behavior in all of these settings with some type of reward such as tickets, stickers, or a smiley face stamp, be creative. Enjoy the power of being positive!