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    Standardized Test Information
    It's important to check the college catalogs or websites of the schools to which you are applying to determine which standardized tests you need to take.
    The SAT measures what you have learned in high school and what you need to succeed in college. Like other assessments, the SAT includes a Reading Test, Writing, Language Test, and a Math Test. SAT questions focus on skills that matter most for college readiness and success, according to the latest research. The SAT Subject Test measures performance in specific subjects. Some highly competitive colleges require SAT Subject Test tests for placement and/or admission; again, check each school to be certain. SAT Subject Test tests should be taken immediately upon completing the course, regardless of when the course was taken.
    The ACT measures the knowledge, understanding, and skills that you have acquired throughout your education.  The test contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, Math, Reading and Science. Each of these tests contains questions that offer either four or five answer choices from wich you are to choose the correct or best answer. If you register for the optional ACT with writing, you will take the writing test after the four mutiple-choice tests. Depending on your particular strengthes and weaknesses you may perform much better on one test than the other. The ACT is offered with the writing portion or without the writing portion.  MORE ACT INFORMATION.
    Many students are now considering taking both the SAT and the ACT-Check with your specific college/university to see if they will accept either test for admission.
    Students should take SAT and/or ACT tests at the end of the junior year and early in the fall of senior year. Students receive personal copies of these scores directly from SAT/ACT. Do not lose your copy of your score. If you need it again, OR NEED TO RESET YOUR PASSWORDS TO SEND IT TO COLLEGES, you can contact the SAT or ACT websites below to follow the directions to access previous test scores and send them directly to colleges from the SAT/ACT websites.  
    High schools do NOT send SAT/ACT scores to colleges.
    The student must log onto their SAT/ACT accounts to send those scores directly to the colleges.
    SAT website: