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Abbondanzio, Sally sabbondanzio@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Abrams, Ryan rabrams2@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Acrey, Heather hacrey@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Adam, Paula padam@wcpss.net Special Programs Website 
Albritton, Debbie dalbritton@wcpss.net Clerical  
Anderson, Kimmie kaanderson@wcpss.net Attendance  
Andrade, Yesenia yandrade@wcpss.net Custodian  
Ansbacher, Melissa mansbacher@wcpss.net Student Services Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names Je-Pa 
Bayer, Kyle kbayer@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Bazzell, Malik rbazzell@wcpss.net Adminstration: Principal Caseload: 12th Grade, Last Names A-Z 
Bell, Melissa mbell2@wcpss.net Math  
Bellezza, Samuel sbellezza@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Bentley, Rachel rbentley@wcpss.net English Website 
Bethea, Sherry sbethea@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Blackburn, Danielle dblackburn@wcpss.net Health & PE  
Bliga, Samuel sbliga@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Boney Holliday, Lakia lboney@wcpss.net Student Services Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names Pb-Z 
Bordt, Nora nbordt@wcpss.net Foreign Language Website 
Boudreau, Dennis dboudreau@wcpss.net Math  
Bowman, Nick nbowman@wcpss.net Foreign Language Website 
Breymaier, Lisbeth lbreymaier@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Brown, Robin rbrown4@wcpss.net Math  
Brown, Rosemarie rbrown8@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Buckmaster, Jan jbuckmaster@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Bynum, Mary mbynum@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Cafeteria,  CNS595@WCPSS.net Cafeteria  
Cagle, Forest fcagle@wcpss.net Science  
Calabria, Tony acalabria@wcpss.net English  
Chambliss, Jessica jchambliss@wcpss.net Social Studies Caseload: Grades 9, Last Names Lp-Z 
Clark, Shellie sclark2@wcpss.net English  
Cook, Kim kcook2@wcpss.net Clerical  
Corrigan, Dorothy dcorrigan@wcpss.net Media Center  
Cummings, Ryan wcummings@wcpss.net Counselor Admin Caseload: Grades 9, Last Names A-Lo SS Caseload: Grades 9, Last Names A-Z 
Davenport, Arian adavenport@wcpss.net ALC  
Davis, Eric Math  
DePew, Sasha sedepew@wcpss.net Math  
Derrow, Craig cderrow@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Dixon, Janet jdixon3@wcpss.net Special Programs Website 
Dorenkamp, Brent sdorenkamp@wcpss.net Health & PE  
Doyle, James jdoyle@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Dudley, Sarah sdudley@wcpss.net English  
Eller, Sarah seller2@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Everette, Crystal ceverette@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Flanagan, Jane jflanagan2@wcpss.net CTE  
Fletcher, Cheryl cfletcher4@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Foster, Kelly kfoster@wcpss.net CTE  
Foster, Lisa lmfoster@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Furches, Annie nfurches@wcpss.net Foreign Language  
Furr, Denise dfurr@wcpss.net Science Website 
Gibbons, Tommy sgibbons2@wcpss.net CTE Website 
Goodson, Christina cgoodson@wcpss.net English  
Gordon, Michelle mgordon@wcpss.net Adminstration Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names Lp-Ri 
Guy, Karen kguy@wcpss.net Foreign Language  
Haddock, LaShonda lhaddock@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Hamrick, Ginger ghamrick@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Hanna, Elizabeth ehanna@wcpss.net Administration Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names A-E 
Harris, Curtis charris8@wcpss.net Adminstration Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names F-Lo 
Hedrick, Dennis hedrick@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Hellier, Kristen khellier@wcpss.net Science Website 
Henry, Paul phenry3@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Hilliard, Davena dhilliard@wcpss.net CTE  
Hirsch, Susan shirsch@wcpss.net Intervention  
Holcomb, Stephen sholcomb@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Horton, Amber ahorton@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Humber, Melinda mhumber@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Hux, Whitney whux@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Jackson, Kathy kjackson1@wcpss.net Media Center  
Jackson, Jermaine jdjackson@wcpss.net Science  
Johnson, Javaria jljohnson@wcpss.net Science  
Jones, Jackie jjones14@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Joshua, Wyandotta wjoshua@wcpss.net English  
Joyner, Sarah sjoyner@wcpss.net CTE  
Keefer, Beth bkeefer@wcpss.net Adminstration Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names Rj-Z 
Kelley, Brandon bekelley@wcpss.net Health & PE  
Kelly, Felisa fkelly@wcpss.net Math  
Kenyon, Jesse jkenyon@wcpss.net Science  
King, Sara sking2@wcpss.net Fine Arts  
Kinkelaar, Tom tkinkelaar@wcpss.net CTE  
Lair, Robert rlair@wcpss.net Physical Education  
Lassiter, Peggy plassiter@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Lavan, Edward elavan@wcpss.net CTE  
Leshnock, Cheryl cleshnock@wcpss.net English  
Lipscomb, Emmanuel elipscomb2@wcpss.net English  
Luna, Domingo dluna@wcpss.net Custodian  
McDonald, Heather hlmcdonald@wcpss.net English Website 
McGill, Doreene dmcgill@wcpss.net Science  
McGregor, Cyrstal cmcgregor@wcpss.net Speech Pathologist  
McMasters, Ronnie rmcmasters@wcpss.net Math  
Miano, Amelia amiano@wcpss.net English Website 
Miller, Carolyn cmiller1@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Mills, Adam amills3@wcpss.net CTE  
Mitchell, Philip pmitchell@wcpss.net CTE Website 
Moore, Beatrice brmoore@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Mullinax, J Phillip jmullinax@wcpss.net Fine Arts  
Munoz, Brian bmunoz@wcpss.net Fine Arts Website 
Namishias, Kathy knamishia@wcpss.net Clerical  
Orsett, Paul porsett@wcpss.net Fine Arts  
Oshinsky, Kirsten koshinsky@wcpss.net Science  
Overcash, Brooke bovercash@wcpss.net CTE  
Pender, Joyce jpender@wcpss.net Clerical  
Perkins, Shannon siperkins@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Phillips, David dphillips1@wcpss.net Social Studies Website 
Pikaart, Miranda mkpikaart@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Plant, Lauren lplant@wcpss.net Math Website 
Poleszak, Katarzyna kpoleszak@wcpss.net Math  
Pritchett, Shelia spritchett@wcpss.net CTE  
Proctor, Shannon sproctor@wcpss.net Fine Arts  
Reed, Tracy tjreed@wcpss.net Science  
Regan, Kerry kregan@wcpss.net Math Website 
Regan, Mari mregan2@wcpss.net Clerical  
Richardson, Joseph jrichardson4@wcpss.net ISS  
Richardson, JoAnn jrichardson9@wcpss.net CTE  
Riedel, Jodi jriedel@wcpss.net CTE Website 
Riggleman, Rick rriggleman@wcpss.net Athletic Director  
Risden, Mirela orisden@wcpss.net Science  
Romero, Candida cromero@wcpss.net Custodian  
Russell, Amy arrussell@wcpss.net CTE  
Salinger, Maia msalinger@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Sanchez-Macy, Deborah dsanchezmacy@wcpss.net Foreign Language  
Scales Scoggins, Emily escoggins@wcpss.net CTE Website 
Schneider, Janene English jjschneider@wcpss.net  
Schock, Susan sschock@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Schug, Melissa mschug@wcpss.net Science  
Shannon, Stacey sshannon@wcpss.net CTE  
Simpson, Melody msimpson@wcpss.net Math  
Skokauckas, Terri tskokauckas@wcpss.net Clerical  
Smith, Cathy csmith11@wcpss.net Math Website 
Smith, Adam masmith@wcpss.net CTE  
Smith, Adam masmith@wcpss.net CTE  
Smith, John jsmith6@wcpss.net Media Center  
Sowa, Debbie dsowa@wcpss.net School Psychologist  
Spampinato, Tracy tspampinato@wcpss.net Foreign Language  
Stevens, Garrett gstevens2@wcpss.net CTE  
Stiles, Laura lstiles1@wcpss.net Science  
Sweredoski, Garth gsweredoski@wcpss.net Social Studies  
Tant, Linda ltant@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Tekotte, Joy jtekotte@wcpss.net English  
Terrell, Cynthia cdterrell@wcpss.net Health & PE  
Tharrington, Ed etharrington@wcpss.net Math Website 
Thompson, Charlene cthompson@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Toborowsky, Jill jtoborowsky@wcpss.net Student Services  
Torres, Cynthia ctorres@wcpss.net Clerical  
Valentino, Dawn dvalentino@wcpss.net Fine Arts  
Wainio, Courtney cwainio@wcpss.net Health & PE  
Walker, Brent bwalker2@wcpss.net Student Services Caseload: Grades 10-12, Last Names A-Jd 
White, Allen awhite@wcpss.net Science  
Wiggins, Gloria gwiggins@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Williams, Russ rwilliams1@wcpss.net Science  
Wilson, Trent twilson2@wcpss.net CTE  
Woods, Jane bjwoods@wcpss.net Special Programs/TA  
Wrighton, Sarah swrighton TA  
Writtenberry, Lauren lwrittenberry@wcpss.net CTE  
Yosef, Sharon syosef@wcpss.net CTE  
Young, Tanya tyoung6@wcpss.net Special Programs  
Yu, Jung jyu@wcpss.net Math Website 
Zaragoza, Corin czaragoza@wcpss.net Foreign Language