2019-2020 Bus Transportation Information

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    Important information regarding bus service registration, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on the WCPSS website at this link:  WCPSS Transportation Information
     Bus Transportation Information for 2019-2020:
    • If your student is eligible for transportation (i.e. if your child is a magnet student or if Fuller is your base school and you do not live in the walk zone) and will be riding the bus from the same address to the same school next year, you do not need to take action. 
    • If you need to update your bus service for next year (e.g. if you did not ride the bus this year and want to begin riding the bus next year, or if you rode the bus to school or home from school this year and want to ride round-trip next year), please complete the online form located at www.wcpss.net/busrider.
    • If your student is assigned to a bus but is not a bus rider, please submit the decline bus form at www.wcpss.net/declinebus so that we have the most up-to-date information
    • You can find up-to-date transportation information in your student’s Home Base/PowerSchool account. (Contact Fuller's data manager if you need assistance with Home Base/PowerSchool access.)
    • WCPSS Transportation uses email and text messaging to provide bus service information.  Families must keep their email addresses and phone numbers current in Powerschool to receive timely and important information.  (You may update this information by sending a note to your child's teacher).
    • Transportation-eligible families who need to make changes for 2019-2020 (as described above) must submit the online form by July 30, 2019, to ensure service on the first day of school.
    • Requests received after this cutoff date will be processed in the order received and WCPSS Transportation will make every effort to provide service as quickly as possible.
    • Bus routes are posted on the WCPSS transportation page and on the Fuller website.  
    • Bus route information, including specific stop assignments and both a.m. and p.m. stop times, is available in your student's Home Base account.
    • Bus Tags will be required for ALL bus riders for the ENTIRE school year.  Students who do not have a bus tag may be denied access to the bus.  Bus tags will be provided at Meet the Teacher in August, or on the first day of school.  Lost bus tags should be reported immediately to your student's teacher.


    Dual Stops & Alternate Stops
    • Transportation will begin receiving requests for Dual Stops for Joint Custody, Alternate Stop (Before and After-School Care) and Transportation–Ineligible (i.e. transfer) students on September 26, 2019.
    WCPSS Bus Boarding Procedures:

    In an effort to ensure student safety in boarding busses, WCPSS has instituted specific boarding procedures.  Students waiting at bus stops are required to wait for a visual signal from their bus driver before they approach and board the bus.  We will review these procedures with students during the first week of school, but parents and students are asked to review and discuss these procedures together, and to view the following bus safety videos:

    Bus Safety Video #2

    Bus Safety Video #3

    Riding the Bus on the First Day of School:

    All students utilizing bus transportation should plan to begin riding the bus on the first day of school.  This allows WCPSS Transportation to accurately assess bus service and make necessary adjustments as expediently as possible.  Every effort has  been made to develop efficient bus routes for this school year, and it is crucial for all bus students to utilize bus service consistently right from the start of the year.

    Here Comes the Bus App:

    • Your family can use the free bus tracking system called Here Comes the Bus.  This is an easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child's school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. 
    • You can sign up for Here Comes the Bus at https://herecomesthebus.com/getting-started/. You will need the district code and your student’s ID number to sign up.
    • The WCPSS school code is 67500.
    • For your smartphone or tablet, download the Here Comes the Bus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    • Once activated, you can customize or edit certain features, including how the app will communicate with you and the size of the notification radius.
    • WCPSS Transportation makes bus substitutions when preventative maintenance is due and in response to the management of drivers. When a substitution is made, some features of the app may not work.

    Transportation Links


    How do I find my child’s bus information?

    WCPSS will post 2019-2020 bus routes in August at this link:  Fuller Bus Routes. Student-specific bus route information, including stop assignments and both a.m. and p.m. stop times, is available in your student's Home Base account.

    What time should my child get to the bus stop?

    Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

    Where do I find my stop time?

    Transportation will post new bus routes for schools one week prior to the opening of the new school year on school websites and in students' Home Base portal accounts. Each year, bus stops change based on the students who ride the route.

    What if my child needs an afternoon stop other than our home address (Boys & Girls Club, babysitter, grandparent, etc.)?

    Requests for alternate stops for before- and after-school care and transportation requests for transfer students are not being accepted at this time.  These requests may be made beginning on September 26, 2019, at the link listed above.  DO NOT COMPLETE THE TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM BEFORE THIS DATE.

    How can I find out if the bus is running off schedule in the morning?

    Parents may utilize the Here Comes the Bus App or view bus schedule information at this live link:  Bus Schedule Updates.