• Theatre and Performing Arts
    K/1 drama Theatre is commonly misconceived as being valuable mainly to students that need to improve public speaking skills. While becoming comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people is a major benefit of theatre, it isn’t the sole or even most important purpose. Theatre does so much more! It enables students to convey their thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes, frustrations, emotions, backgrounds, talents, and strengths through artistic expression.  chloe boa
    Theatre is a collaborative art and is most effective when a diverse group of people work together. Students are encouraged to identify and utilize their unique and individual strengths to collaborate in the creation of theatrical productions. Students will also explore a variety of theatrical concepts through creativity and critical thinking. Students communicate their understanding of these concepts through electives like Intro to the Stage, Creative Drama,  and Theatre Production.
    stage scene Students not interested in performing also have an opportunity to design and produce theatre in the Behind the Scenes elective. Most importantly students will learn in a positive environment that is safe and built on mutual respect, so all students can express themselves freely and have fun.