• Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)
    PBiS  Our school's STARS expectations are Safety, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, and Self-Discipline.  Expectations are taught and reinforced throughout the year and posted around the building as a reminder of what each aspect looks like in different areas throughout the school.  We believe, if you "expect it," (a particular behavior) then you must "teach it," positively, fairly, and to all students.    
    Each year in August, the PBIS team holds a school-wide assembly to discuss STARS expectations. Students are given the opportunity to present cheers, role play, and show peers what behaviors are expected and how to go about those expected behaviors. 
    Weekly, students earn STARS tickets throughout the school day for STARS behavior.  Students write names on the back of the ticket and 1 ticket is drawn by each teacher at the end of the week.  Out of those tickets, 1 ticket per grade level is drawn and the name is announced over the intercom on Monday morning.  The students who are announced then create a poster that is displayed in the front of the school building and are invited, with their parents, to a monthly STARS Breakfast where they are celebrated for their great choices.
    PBIS Team
    The PBIS team at Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary is comprised of classroom teachers, interventionists, specialists, school counselor, administrators, and teacher assistants.  This team works with students and staff to create a learning environment that is positive and effectively teaches students expected behaviors.  
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