• Hunter ES Gifted and Talented Elective Offerings

    Through our unique elective program, your child is given the opportunity to identify and expand his/her gifts and talents in the academic content areas and in multiple areas of the visual and performing arts. Whether your child is an aspiring artist or a budding botanist, our array of over 50 elective offerings each nine weeks will allow your child opportunities for enrichment, exploration, and remediation. WCPSS Elective Description Guide (Link) Downloadable Copy

    Elective Registration

    Students receive elective information during the first week of school and again prior to second semester. Together, families prioritize which electives their student is most interested in. Students are generally placed in one of their top two choices.


    Quarterly Elective Schedules

    Throughout a student's tenure at Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary School, each student will take forty-three different electives.  Imagine the possibilities for 21st-century learning opportunities and exposure to a wide variety of visual and performing arts.   


    Kindergarten students do not take an elective first quarter as they are acclimating to kindergarten.  They take one elective during second, third, and fourth quarters.  

    First Grade

    First-grade students take one elective during the first quarter and one elective during the second quarter.  They take two electives for the third and fourth quarters.  

    Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

    Students in second, third, fourth, and fifth grades take two electives quarterly.