• School Improvement Plan

    The purpose of our school's School Improvement Plan (SIP) is to identify the needs of Hunter GT / AIG Magnet Elementary and to collectively create a plan for meeting those needs.  The plan works to consider all the factors contributing to the success of our school including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative leadership.  Together, our School Improvement Team (SIT) works to reach consensus on which needs represent the highest priorities for Hunter with the hope of improving overall student and school performance. The SIT is comprised of school administrators, staff members, parents, and community members.    

    Our School Improvement Committee meets throughout the school year to identify potential areas of improvement within the school, and to prepare the school to meet national and state education standards. We have professional development goals for our teachers and outreach goals for the larger school community.

    Each year brings us a new opportunity to set our goals, and work hard to not just meet but exceed them. See our updated Student Improvement Plan.


    School Improvement Team Members for the 2017 - 2018 School Year  



      Angie Parham (AIG / SIP Chair)

      Briana Pelton (Administrator)

      Jared Moore (Administrator)

      Kate Fedich (Instructional Resource Teacher)

      Kurt Hurelbrink (Instructional Technology Facilitator)

      Amy Wadia (Literacy Coach)

      Kim Williamson (Intervention Teacher)

      Patsy Castellano (Arts Specialist / Dance)

      Kate Newkirk (Kindergarten Teacher)

      Sarah Cannon (1st Grade Teacher)

      Candi Stroupe (2nd Grade Teacher)

      Abby Pearce (3rd Grade Teacher)

      Charlene Williams (4th Grade Teacher)

      Cassandra Urbauer (5th Grade Teacher)

      Lisa Wetzel (Special Education Teacher)

      Robyn Wilsey (Parent Rep)

      Janet Baucom (Parent Rep)

      Beth Carmichael (Parent Rep)

    • Are you a community member or a Hunter parent interested in joining our SIP team?  All are welcome, and the more stakeholders we have to help make decisions on behalf of our school, the better our decision making process will be.  If interested, please contact Angie Parham at aparham@wcpss.net.
    2017 - 2018 School Improvement Team Meeting Dates
    • 9/29/17 11:00-12:30
      10/20/17 11:00-12:30
      12/1/17 8:00-8:45
      2/9/18 11:00-12:30
      3/2/18 11:00-12:30
      4/13/18 8:00-8:45
      5/25/18 11:00-12:30
      6/12/18 Time TBD