• So what do school counselors do anyway?

    A School Counselor is here to help students achieve their greatest potential academically, socially and emotionally by developing a comprehensive guidance plan based on the NC Guidance Curriculum and American School Counseling Association's (ASCA) National Model. Classroom guidance lessons, individual counseling, small group counseling, and parent consultation are some of the main interventions used by a School Counselor.  Below these interventions are detailed.

    School Counselors work with all students by providing . . . guidance

    Classroom Lessons:

    We work with each class teaching 3 classroom units throughout the school year. Classroom lessons are developmentally appropriate and are often based on individual grade-level needs. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to:*

    * Conflict Resolution (Kelso’s Choice)

    * Friendship Skills(Peace First Curriculum)

    * Emotions/Feelings

    * Career Exploration

    * Bullying Behavior

    * Peer Mediation Training

    * Stress Management

    Small Groups:

    Throughout the school year, we facilitate several small groups based on need. Typically, these groups run for 6 weeks, with no more than 6 students of the same grade level. We try to meet with these groups during their lunch period once a week, to ensure that they do not miss instructional time. Students typically are referred to these groups by teachers and/or parents. 

    * Grief and Loss

    * Friendship

    * Social Skills

    * Self-esteem

    Individual Counseling:

    Individual counseling is provided on a short-term (typically no more the 3-5 sessions) basis to students based on specific needs. Parents, teachers and students can refer themselves to see me. Students in grades 3-5 can fill out a Counselor Gram to make appointments to see the Counselor. Counselor Grams are found in classrooms and on my office door. Frequent needs include:

    * Grief and LossCslr

    * Friendship

    * Emotional Regulation

    * School Anxiety


    We are available to meet individually with parents and/or for parent/teacher conferences. Parents can call or email to set up appointments with us.

    What is Peer Mediation

    We are the proud facilitators of Hunter’s Peer Mediation Program. Mediation is a strategy for conflict resolution. It is a communication process in which the individuals with a problem work together, assisted by a peer mediator, to solve the problem. During mediation, the disputing parties listen to each other’s point of view, identify interests contributing to the conflict, create options that address the interests of both of them, evaluate these options, and create an agreement.

    Teachers, parents, administrators, and students can complete a peer mediation request form. Peer Mediation is a great resource for students to learn healthy conflict and problem-solving skills.

    4th/5th grade students serve as our peer mediators and are trained during quarter one in the Peer Mediator Elective.


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