• So what do school counselors do anyway?

    School Counselors help students gain skills to be prepared to reach their full potential and lead productive lives in a complex and changing world.

    School Counselors work will all students by providing . . . .    counselors

    Classroom Lessons:

    We teach lesson in classrooms on topics such as making friends, decision making, study skills and bullying prevention.

    Small Groups:

    We may see small groups of 4-6 students in our offices to discuss topics such as friendship, social thinking, problem solving or leadership.

    Individual Counseling:

    We work with students individually for short term counseling needs. If your child needs more support, we can help you find the resources you need.

    Topics School Counselors Address:

    Feelings                     Acceptance                     Self-Esteem

    Social Skills            Career Awareness         Managing Behavior

    Bullying Prevention   Conflict Resolution      Personal Safety

    Problem Solving        Family Transitions       Test Taking Anxieties

    How students access their counselor….

    Students can request a meeting with the counselor by either asking their teacher or completing a counselor gram which are located in the classrooms and on each counselor's door.

    School Counselors are here to help….

    If you questions or concerns about your child’s strong feelings, behavior, friendships, family changes, difficult life experiences give us a call or email. We can help talk through your concerns and/or make appropriate referrals when necessary.

    Contact Us:

    Sandra Gernhard  

    Grades 1st, 4th & 5th

    (919) 856-7676 ext. 21042