• Elective Offerings

    All students participate in Gifted and Talented Electives.  Over the course of the year, we offer more than two hundred fifty arts based and academics based electives.  For more information, please check out our Elective Guide (link) .  Downloadable Copy

    Kindergarten – During the first quarter of their kindergarten year, students do not take an elective.  Kindergarten students take one elective during second quarter, and then two electives for both third and fourth quarters.

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    First Grade – First grade students take one elective during both first and second quarters.  First grade students take two electives during third and fourth quarters. 

    Second through Fifth Grades – Second, third, and fourth grade students take two electives in each of the four quarters.   

    During the second week of school and in the second week of January, students will bring home an Elective Registration Packet.  In August, students will prioritize their choices for their electives for first and second quarters.  The process is repeated in January for registration for third and fourth quarters.  As a family, you will prioritize the choices that you feel would be the best fit for your child.  We do our best to ensure that students are matched as closely as possible to their top elective choices.