Pathway Schools for Hunter GT/AIG

  • Students in the Gifted and Talented (GT)/Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Basics Program at Hunter are part of a next-level pathway that allows students to take increasingly advanced courses and elective offerings, and to continue honing their gifts and talents throughout their K-12 education!  After Hunter, our middle school pathways include Ligon GT/AIG Middle, Carnage GT/AIG Middle, and Moore Square GT/AIG Middle. The High School Pathway is Enloe High School.

    Partnerships with our pathway schools are strong. Whether taking a walking field trip to the Ligon Middle holiday concert, or having the Enloe drama ensemble to perform the Wizard of Oz for our student body, or having Moore Square and Carnage students volunteer to help with our spring festival, we consider our pathway schools our family!  

    Below, the websites of these schools are provided so that you can check out how your child's many gifts can be nurtured as a continuation of the GT/AIG theme.




    GT/AIG Basics

    GT/AIG Basics

    Gifted and Talented / IB


    Carnage | Ligon



    Moore Square



    Magnet students who apply to their next-level pathway magnet school have the highest priority, after siblings, to be selected for that magnet school. For more information about magnet selection priorities, visit

    Important: If there is more than one middle or high school listed on the magnet pathway chart, the magnet application will only list the schools assigned to your address.


  • GT/AIG Pathway Connections

    Enloe HS Drama

    Enloe HS Drama Students Present the Wizard of Oz to Hunter Students

    Ligon Holiday Show

    Hunter Students Take a Walking Field Trip to the Ligon MS Holiday Show