Ballet Bar  
    Dance and the ability to feel, experience and create rhythms is an innate human gift.  Here at Hunter we dance not only to express various dance genres but as a means to kinesthetically explore our world and make connections with other content areas. We explore the rich history of dance, its impact on our society, its beauty as an art form, its cultural differences and the blending of dance in this technological era.  All Hunter students have the opportunity to add dance to their personal vocabulary and to gain an appreciation for dance as it expands into the 21st century.  
    Ballet: discipline, structure, attention to detail, focus, and control of the body
    Tap: rhythms, uniquely American origins, a dance you hear as well as see.
    Modern:  a mixture of various dance styles blending to tell stories, themes, experiences.
    Folk: exploring dance of other cultures, preserving dance of the past to use in the present.  fairy dance

    Dance  .      group dance