• Spanish Language Learning 

    At Hunter, we are committed to preparing students to be global citizens and the opportunity for students to Spanish learn a second language is critical.  All Hunter students participate in Spanish specials several times throughout the year to offer exposure to the Spanish language and cultural learnings from many Spanish speaking countries.
    Students desiring a more in depth experience with the Spanish language can choose to take Spanish electives following either of the Spanish language paths that we offer.  
    • Path A is for students that would like to learn Spanish and are seeking to build a strong foundation in the language.  Lessons will be based on the Spanish textbook "Realidades" that is utilized for Spanish I in both middle school and high school.  Adjustments in the amount of content are made fors tudents in kindergarten through third grades.  This language path will be assigned homework several times per week.  The goal of this pathway is for students to have a strong foundation in speaking, writing, and conjugating for both conversation and writing.  
    • Path B is designed for students that want some exposure to the Spanish language and culture through various themes.  The goal of this pathway is to peak students' interests in language learning and to expose them to the key features of the Spanish language that will prepare them to formally begin their language learning experience in middle school.