Jan. 25, 2024

Posted by Joyce Deaton on 1/25/2024 12:00:00 PM

Subject: Important Announcement Regarding Precautionary Security Measures 

Dear Wakefield High School Community, 

I hope this message finds you well. I want to bring your attention to an incident that occurred today. The Wakefield High School premises were subject to a precautionary search by the RPD (Local Police Department) following a reported hoax bomb threat. 

I want to express my gratitude to all students and staff for your patience and cooperation during this process. Your calm and orderly response is commendable. 

Please be aware that matters of this nature are taken very seriously. It is a felony to threaten a school, even if the threat is proven false. We are fully committed to ensuring the safety of our school environment, and any individual involved in such actions will be dealt with according to the law. 

The safety and well-being of our students and staff remain our top priorities. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to maintain a secure learning environment for everyone. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to the school administration. Your cooperation is essential in upholding the security of our school community. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Wakefield High Families, 


Law enforcement officials have searched our campus and it was deemed safe for students to return. Students returned to the building at approximately 9:59 a.m. All students and staff are safe.


Thank you for your cooperation during today’s event.


Please read this entire message.


Building search and investigation

Law enforcement searched our campus thoroughly and did not find any evidence to support the threat.


Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate. Anyone found responsible will face disciplinary action in accordance with WCPSS policies. They could also face criminal charges.


Making threats of any kind is a very serious offense. Students should be reminded that anyone who makes threats will face substantial consequences.



When the threat was made over the telephone, we immediately contacted law enforcement and WCPSS Security. In consultation with law enforcement, and out of an abundance of caution, we evacuated students and staff from the building.


In closing, I would like to thank you again for your cooperation today, as well as in the future.


I also want to thank WCPSS Security and law enforcement for their prompt and thorough response.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Estimadas Familias de la Escuela Secundaria de Wakefield, 

Los agentes del orden público registraron nuestro recinto escolar y se ha considerado seguro el regreso de los estudiantes. Los estudiantes regresaron al edificio aproximadamente a las 9:59 a.m. Todos los estudiantes y el personal están a salvo.

Gracias por su cooperación durante el evento de hoy.

Por favor lea este mensaje completo.

Búsqueda e investigación en el edificio

Las autoridades del orden público hicieron una búsqueda exhaustiva de nuestro recinto escolar y determinaron que la amenaza de bomba no era creíble. Nuestro edificio está seguro.

Los funcionarios del orden público continúan investigando la amenaza. Cualquier persona que sea encontrada responsable enfrentará medidas disciplinarias de acuerdo con las políticas de WCPSS. También podrían enfrentar cargos criminales.

Hacer amenazas de cualquier tipo es una delito muy grave. Se debe recordar a los estudiantes que cualquier persona que haga amenazas enfrentará consecuencias muy serias.


Cuando se recibió la amenaza por teléfono, de inmediato contactamos a las autoridades del orden público y al departamento de seguridad de WCPSS. En consulta con las autoridades y por extrema precaución, evacuamos a los estudiantes y al personal escolar del edificio.

Para terminar, deseo agradecerles nuevamente por su cooperación hoy y en el futuro.

También quiero agradecer al departamento de seguridad de WCPSS y a las autoridades del orden público por su respuesta rápida y exhaustiva.

No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta.