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Principal Message (6 /6/21)


End of School Year


As we reflect on the 2020-21 school year, we want to thank you all for your support and patience during this unusual and unprecedented year. Naturally, during this pandemic year, we had successes and some challenges.  However, despite all, we persevered and adapted to whatever was necessary to ensure Green Level High School students had the best educational experience possible.  Without a doubt, this experience has strengthened us as a community and we look forward to restarting our journey as a new high school in August!  On behalf of the administrative team, we wish you a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable summer!  


We will return with regular Sunday messages towards the end of July! However, if you have any questions during the summer months, please call the main office or use the Contact Us link.   We look forward to seeing everyone in a few months!




Friday exam day went very well with 95% of students in attendance!


For any student who missed their first period EOC or CTE exam, our makeup test day is scheduled for Thursday, June 10th beginning at 7:30 am. Please contact Maria Miller in our front office to ensure that you are on our list to test on June 10th.


Juniors…AKA Rising Seniors


Your senior year is around the corner and we are making plans to make your year special! Below is important information for you:


Senior Fees

In order for schools to support seniors, a senior fee is collected.  Since GLHS is new, we are collecting a $75 fee to assist us with diplomas, tassels, senior shirts, deposit for prom venue, etc... So far, 192 of 377 (51%) of the senior class have paid fees.  We also had 6 families donate $75 to sponsor a senior in need and will gladly accept additional anonymous donations.   Senior Fee Link is HERE!


Shirt Sizes

We have 80 students who have not given us their t-shirt size.  If you have not done this, please call the school or send an email to Ms.McIndoe at 


Senior Packets are Ready!

You now have the ability to complete your Senior Packet that is a vital tool to help your school counselor with your senior year!  This packet is full of questions so we can know more about you, space to add your resume activities (or you can attach a resume if you have one already) and a form for a significant adult in your family (like a parent or guardian or family member) to fill out too.  The packet is available online on the Student Services page, under "Junior Information" or at this link HERE!


Once you complete the packet, you can email it directly to your counselor or drop it off at school between 7 am-3pm.  This is not required to send by the end of the school year, but since counselors are out for the summer also, many of us like to start on recommendations so it can help to get ahead!  If you have questions, please email your counselor.  


Early Release/Late Arrival and Dual Enrollment

Early Release/Late Arrival and Dual Enrollmentforms need to be completed ASAP!  We can have your schedule finalized in August with the request if you turn in your form before you leave for the summer.  Please check our website for more information.  Link is HERE!


Other Important Information

Use this link HERE!


Items Needed from Students


As we close out the 2020-21 school year, we need the following items from students:

  • Library books, textbooks, and English novels:  If you have not done so, please return your books as soon as possible to the front office.  A final “currently checked-out” email will be sent on Wednesday, June 10th.
  • Hot Spots:  If you have a hot spot, please return it as soon as possible to the front office.
  • Chromebooks from AP testing:  If you borrowed a Chromebook for AP testing, please return it and the charger as soon as you complete your AP exams to the front office.


Students Leaving WCPSS to Attend a Non-WCPSS School or Homeschool


  1. Students must return all assigned WCPSS equipment to their school on or before their last day of school.
  2. Students leaving before the end of the school year have access to WCPSS accounts through their last day of school.
  3. Use the resources linked to the left to learn how to back up documents associated with your WCPSS accounts.


World Language Summer Resources


Our World Language teachers have assembled a variety of resources designed to assist students in preparing for the next levels of French, Spanish, and Latin. Students interested in accessing resources for Spanish II, French II, and Latin II should join using the Google Classroom code: fivtvol. Students interested in accessing resources for Latin III should join using the Google Classroom code: qsqrlqi


WCPSS Student Survey


WCPSS sends out a student survey at the end of each year. As of today, 29% of GLHS have completed the survey.  If you have about 10 minutes, we would really like to hear from students and your experiences at GLHS.  Students may respond until June 30, and the survey may be taken at school or at home. The survey link is HERE!


Save the Date for Gator Night


Please mark your calendar for Saturday, August 7 for our Community Family Gator Night.  This is an evening to gather, meet a variety of clubs, organizations, coaches, teachers, and staff.  We will post more information this summer.