Mission, Vision, and Values


    Mission Statement:

    Green Level High School will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators and critical thinkers.


    Vision Statement:

    Green Level High School is dedicated to cultivating an equitable, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment that promotes self-discovery and fosters the realization of every student’s potential.


    Value Statements:



    We believe that kindness is the highest virtue. We recognize and encourage compassion for others. 



    We believe there is power in connectedness and authentic relationships. We are a school where everyone belongs.


    Self & World Awareness

    We believe that diversity is a strength and that education should promote cultural awareness, a sense of our place in the larger world, and the ability to see that world from perspectives other than our own.



    We believe that promoting a culture of service and providing opportunities for continuous learning and development will help our students to become productive citizens and community leaders of vision, imagination, and empathy.



    We value the whole student--the athlete, the artist, the critical thinker, the free spirit, the individual of moral character. We encourage a healthy balance between academics, extra-curricular interests, and self-care.