• fifth grade


    Welcome to 5th Grade at the Creek! We are incredibly excited for all of the learning that takes place throughout this year. We work to encourage collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, and expect great things from all of our students!


    Our fifth grade curriculum is packed full! In Language Arts, students will spend time exploring high quality texts that cover a variety of topics, themes, and genres. They will develop into more confident writers by practicing in several different ways. In Social Studies, students will learn about the development of the United States, beginning with exploration and ending with the period right after Reconstruction. Math is broken into 5 major strands: Geometry (polygons & coordinate grids), Operations and Algebraic Thinking (expressions, graphing numerical patterns, and the order of operations), Measurement & Data (measurement conversions and line plots), Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (place value, whole number and decimal operations), and finally, Fractions! In Science, students will learn about ecosystems, the human body systems, forces and motion, and weather.


    This year, some special fifth grade events are:

    • An at-school colonial adventure with Camp Flintlock
    • An ocean adventure to Carolina Beach
    • A fifth grade dance
    • ...and more!