• First Grade

    Welcome to Reedy Creek Elementary First Grade Team webpage! We hold high expectations for all of our students in an effort to help them grow as much as they can and to help prepare them for the years to come. We believe independence and problem solving are important skills for every child and this year the students will work toward building their independence and confidence in their learning. Students will also practice important life skills such as communicating, collaborating, being creative and thinking critically. 


    In first grade reading, students are expected to move from level C at the beginning of the year, and head to second grade at a level I at the end of the year. Throughout the year, we will learn various useful strategies for comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction texts. By midyear, students must be able to express their comprehension both orally and in writing. We work on decoding strategies and spelling patterns throughout the year. In writing, the students will be able to create opinion writing pieces, how-to and all-about pieces, personal narratives, and use popular authors as models for their writing. In math, students are expected to add and subtract up to twenty, understand place value, inequalities, and time to the hour and half-hour.  A big focus in math is on solving addition & subtraction word problems within 20. In science we work on comparing & measuring, balance & motion, pebbles, sand, & silt, and organisms. In social studies we explore citizenship, language, traditions & holidays around the world, community economics, and environment.


    This year our first grade team will go to Marbles’ Museum to learn about traditions around the world and Laurel Hills Park to explore organisms. We will also have Mad Science come into our classroom to enrich our science curriculum.. We also utilize STEM activities throughout the year.