• fourth grade

    We want to welcome you to the Reedy Creek Elementary School’s 4th grade family! We are extremely excited to work with you and your family this school year and help your child academically and socially succeed beyond measure!  Our expectation for each student’s success is high, and will continue to grow every day. We strive to create an environment where each scholar is encouraged, prepared and excited to reach their full potential. We will do all in our power to inspire them to be passionate learners and exemplary role models. Students will leave fourth grade thinking critically, expressing creativity and collaborating and communicating with peers and adults. We invite you to help us in this mission, as our teamwork is crucial to their success this school year and beyond. 

    This year, our students will cover a variety of topics in the main subject areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  

    In ELA, children will be following the EL curriculum. Throughout module 1 they will be reading and analyzing poetry, writing about inspirational poets, and composing their own poetry. Module 2 will focus on Animal Defense Mechanisms. Students will be researching, writing to inform, and creating their own Choose Your Own Adventure Book. Module 3 focuses on the American Revolution. They will build on background knowledge, identify different perspectives on the war, and write to share opinions. In Module 4 we will discuss inequality and the ratification of the 19th amendment. Children will read a historical fiction that discusses key topics and take part in a public service project.   

    In math, multi-step word problems involving the four operations are heavily focused on.  Students will also be working with adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. They will also be finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.  In science, our students work with a variety of exciting, hands-on units incorporating STEM. Our students will become experts in magnetism, electricity, rocks and minerals, landforms, and animal studies.  FInally, in social studies our students will learn all about North Carolina history.

    Our learning will certainly go beyond the classroom this year.  There are many educational opportunities your child will be able to take part in.  To enhance our learning experience in our electricity unit, we will have an in-school field trip experimenting with electricity.  Also this year, our scholars will have the ability to travel to Raleigh and visit the Mordecai House. In addition, they will be attending a performance by the North Carolina Symphony.