• Please make sure that you have an official Reedy Creek Elementary carpool number if you are participating in carpool this year. 

    Morning Carpool 

    Cars will continue to circle around the loop in the back of the school to accommodate the amount of cars in line.  You will then pull up and drop off your child in the front of our building.  Staff members will be on duty to assist with carpool.   Please do not park in the lot and walk students in to the school.  Carpool needs to be utilized to keep procedures running smoothly in the morning.  Please be patient during the first two weeks of school, as the carpool line may run slower than usual.  By the end of week two, students have learned their carpool number, order of operation, and safety rules.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

    To keep our children safe and the morning carpool line moving efficiently please do the following:
    Follow the posted speed limit and established traffic pattern.  Stay behind the car in front of you; we must maintain a single file lane in the front of the school.  Keep your child in the car until our doors open at 8:45.   Once your vehicle has come to a complete stop, our safety patrol and/or staff member will open the student’s door, on the right side only, for unloading. 

    Afternoon Carpool 

    Cars will pick up students at the front of the school.  Students will leave from their classroom when their carpool number is called and line up under the front awning on the sidewalk outside for quick loading into cars. After the first few weeks of school, you will find that carpool is usually completed no later than 4:05 pm.  Your promptness in picking up your child plays a vital role in successful carpool procedures.  If you are unable to pick up your child from school by 4:00 on a daily basis or if you are coming late on a consistent basis, please arrange other transportation (i.e.  bus or daycare van).  Staff cannot stay late to supervise students after school.  If you do come after 4:10, you will need to come into the main office to sign out your child.  In the event of an emergency, please call the main office and inform us that you will be delayed. 


    More detailed information can be found in our RCES Caregiver/Family/Student Handbook shared in the Principal's Messages to Families.

Carpool Registration Form

Complete this form by August 22, 2023, to receive your carpool number and tags at our Meet the Teacher Event. Two tags will be issued per family. Returning students will keep the same number as last year except for rising 1st graders.

Carpool tags are only provided to students without PM bus assignments.