• Informational College Visits at WHS

    Wakefield hosts a number of College Visits from Schools all over the US.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about schools that are not as easy to visit in person.  Please click on the button below to sign up for a visit.  Once you have registered, you will get a pass from your 1st period teacher.  If the visit takes place during PACK time, then you can sign up using alltimely.  See Mrs. Joyner with any questions.

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    Planning your College Visits

    Introducing the Guide to College Visits, authored by Collegewiser Casey Near, in which families will learn:
    • How to decide whether or not to visit a college in the first place
    • What they can do in advance to prepare for their visit
    • What to expect while they are there
    • How to make the most of their time on campus
    • What questions to ask during the visit
    • How to maximize summer visits
    Here is the link:  https://collegewise.com/college-visit-guide/