Materials Challenges


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Instructional Materials Challenges


    Q: What should I do if a family member challenges an instructional material?

           A: Turn the complaint over to the principal.  Encourage him to call Kendra Allen, the Director of Library Services.

    Q: What happens next?

           A: Follow the "What's the Process" flowchart below.

    Q: How can I support this process?

           A1: Know the policy & regulation code 3210.

           A2: Read/know the instructional material fully.

           A3: Continue teaching as normal until instructed otherwise.

           A4: Contact your librarian/MTAC committee.

           A5: Back up any statements with thoughtful research.


    Board Policy    Regulation Code     What's the process     reconsideration form

    * NOTE: Anyone filling out the reconsideration form must have a child in KHS and the material in question must also be in KHS.

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