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    Staff... wear your literacy shirts and jeans ALL week!!  


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    Monday 9/25

    • Tweet for Treats Twitter Challenge... Post a picture of yourself with a banned book #RebelReader #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Tuesday 9/26

    • Tweet for Treats Twitter Challenge... Post a quote from a banned or challenged book #RebelReader #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Wednesday 9/27

    • Tweet for Treats Twitter Challenge... Find a "Dangerous Teacher" - post a pic of him/her reading a banned book (hint, look for the caution tape). Tag the teacher in question for a friendly contest to see which teacher can get the most retweets! #RebelReader #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Thursday 9/28

    • BANNED BOOKS / POETRY SLAM during the long lunch in the LC!!  Bring your lunch, bring your poetry, bring your dramatic spirit - it's an open mic, informal poetry SLAM with music, free speech, edgy poetry, and banned books.  No sign-up, just show up prepared to share a poem or excerpt from a banned book or just come to listen and be a great audience!  List of commonly banned/challenged books here.
    • Tweet for Treats Twitter Challenge... Come to the LC and take a picture with your WHOLE class in front of our LIT display - the class with the most retweets gets donuts on Friday!! #RebelReader #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)
    • Would you rather just share some poems from banned or challenged works? Try these instead:
      • 1st Period - "Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou
      • 2nd Period - "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman (Sections 1, 24, and 52 contain famous lines)
      • 3rd Period - "Riot" by Gwendolyn Brooks
      • 4th Period - "Caminitos" by Carmen Tafolla

    Friday 9/29

    • Tweet for Treats Twitter Challenge... Post a video of you reading an excerpt from a banned book OR talking about censorship and how it makes you feel!! #RebelReader #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time (will post soon)

Rebels in the LC

Words Have Power

    We are so excited to kick off literacy at KHSCD this year by celebrating our Right to Read what we want with Banned Books Week!  The theme this year is #WordsHavePower; we believe they have the power to change the way we think, which is really scary to some people.  In elementary, kids read all the time because they are just learning how.  In middle school, some of them keep reading, but others begin getting sucked into assigned reading as the ONLY reading.  By high school, our pool of #RebelReaders shrinks even more, and that's when they are truly developing their character, values, empathy, vocabulary and so much more that reading can only enhance.  We challenge you to be a #RebelReader this week and pick up a book that may have the power to change your worldview. Join the rebels in the LC as we Stand Up for the Banned during Banned Books Week 2017.