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  • Author Kati Gardner

    We LOVED meeting Kati on Google Meet on May 7th, 2020.  She was a delight to chat with about her book, "Brave Enough."  Her new book, "Finding Balance" will be released in September 2020 at Quail Ridge Books!  Can't wait, Kati!!

     Kati Zoom

    A Georgia native, Kati Gardner now resides in Raleigh, NC.  After losing her leg to cancer, Gardner found her voice through literature. We loved reading Kati's book, "Brave Enough" for our virtual book club for literacy week. 

    You can still read her book for FREE from the Junior Library Guild's site for our club (use the app if you read on your phone with this login - Username: JLGHI Password: JLGFREE)

    Full Walter Magazine Article about Kati Here 

    Link to our Kati tribute on Tik Tok

    Check out more FREE ebook and audiobook options here!

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    Benefits of Reading

    Study after study tells us that reading for pleasure:

    • Increases students’ engagement in learning, resulting in higher test scores and more positive attitudes about school and education
    • Improves reading achievement, which includes such things as as a strong vocabulary, a greater use of complex grammatical structures, and the development of a good writing style
    • Promotes cognitive development
    • Increases empathy and social skills
    • Is entertaining (a student who loves books is never bored)
    • Is correlated with better health
    • Leads to a positive sense of well being
    • Reduces stress


  • KHSCD Virtual Literacy Week is May 4 through May 8, 2020


    "Escape Quarantine through books... 2020 is still LIT" #EQ2020LIT


Virtual Poetry SLAM 2020

  • Quail Ridge Books  

    KHSCD raised over $460 and purchased 25 books through community and PTSA support  

    Schedule for #EQ2020LIT

    We did a Challenge Card and we were so pleased to give a FREE book from Quail Ridge Books to D'Andrea Staton for fully completing her card!

    Monday - Twitter Challenge... Read outside and take a pic #EQ2020LIT (Screenshot it for your Challenge Card)

    • Journal FUN: 1st period Lit Quiz, 2nd period Lit Quiz
    • Lit Strategy of the Day*: So much Time and So much To-Do: Create a “To-Do List” for a character in the text you are reading based on what you discovered about them in the book.
    • “Brave Enough” Book Club Meeting: 1:00-2:00 Google Meet (code LCofficeKHS for adults and kids) - ebook available FREE on the Junior Library Guild site and app (user JLGHI, PW JLGFREE). Check out this local author, Kati Gardner, to the left!

    Tuesday - Instagram Challenge... Read to a pet (or a stuffed animal) #EQ2020LIT (Screenshot it for your Challenge Card)

    Wednesday - Facebook Challenge... Read to your kids OR your sibs (or cousins, etc.) #EQ2020LIT (Screenshot it for your Challenge Card)

    • Journal FUN: 1st period Lit Quiz, 2nd period Lit Quiz
    • Lit Strategy of the Day*: More than ever, people are showing bands of support every day during this pandemic. Show your support by creating  “Bands of Support” for the characters or topics discussed in your book.
    • “Brave Enough” Book Club Meeting: 1:00-2:00 Google Meet (code LCofficeKHS)

    Thursday - Snapchat Challenge... Do a booksnap #EQ2020LIT (Screenshot it for your Challenge Card)

    • Journal FUN: 3rd period Lit Quiz, 4th period Lit Quiz
    • Lit Strategy of the Day*: Remember when we could actually travel? Today, take a virtual field trip by exploring the places mentioned in your book and just imagine “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”
    • “Brave Enough” Book Club Meeting: 1:00-2:00 Google Meet. The author, Kati Gardner, will be joining us at this Meet! If you would like to attend, please fill out this form to receive the link.

    Friday - TikTok Challenge... Anything LITeracy related #EQ2020LIT (Screenshot it for your Challenge Card)

    • Poetry SLAM Video Release: Use this form to submit YOUR video by 5/6 (make sure you are signed into your Wake ID)
    • Lit Strategy of the Day*: Have you caught up on your shows on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or Disney? What if these companies created a sequel with the sidekicks to the main characters starting as the lead? How cool would that be? Create a “Spin-Off” for a television program. Who knows - it might be the next best hit on one of these streaming services!
    • “Brave Enough” Book Club Meeting: 1:00-2:00 Google Meet (code LCofficeKHS)

    *For the Lit Strategy of the Day, click the link and then download a copy for a fillable PDF!


    "When I've had too much reality... I open a book." ~ Unknown