Banned Books Week 2019

Censorship leaves us in the dark
Banned Books Data
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Banned Books Week @KnightdaleHS

  • Staff... wear your literacy shirts OR advocacy shirts and jeans ALL week!!  

    #KeepTheLightOn #BannedBooksWeek

    Tag @KnightdaleHS #khsallin

    Banned Books Week is all about protecting your right to read what you choose. Get involved!

    • Guess the shredded book in the LC
    • Send a postcard or letter to one of your favorite banned authors
    • Attend the Banned Books Poetry Slam in the LC during C Lunch on Friday (see a teacher or librarian for a pass)
    • Read, read, read - exercise your right!

    Monday 9/23

    Tuesday 9/24

    • Read aloud to your students from a banned book. Take a pic and share it on Twitter. #KeepTheLightOn #BannedBooksWeek @KnightdaleHS #khsallin
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Wednesday 9/25

    • Tweet about a book or author who helped you #KeepTheLightOn at some point in your life.  #BannedBooksWeek @KnightdaleHS #khsallin
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Thursday 9/26

    • Tweet out a quote or picture of a favorite passage from a banned book #KeepTheLightOn #BannedBooksWeek @KnightdaleHS #khsallin
    • Articles for DEAR time (to replace journal time)

    Friday 9/27

    • POETRY SLAM C lunch in the LC!! 
    • Tweet out a video of you or your students reading (DEAR time, read-aloud, etc.) #KeepTheLightOn #BannedBooksWeek @KnightdaleHS #khsallin
    • Articles for DEAR time 
Banned Books Display at KHSCD
  • Hey Staff....

    This is for you, too! You can also help support your students by participating in the following:

    • Staff Twitter contest - 
      • Tag us #BannedBooksWeek #khsall
      • Tweet out pics of students reading, videos of read-alouds, statements supporting literacy/reading and students' right to read. Make it a goal to tweet every day.
      • At the end of the week, we'll do a check to see who had the most tweets (retweeting your students' literacy tweets counts).
    • Provide DEAR (drop everything and read) time in place of journal time
      • This can be content-related!
      • Need something for your students? See the articles below.
      • Try for at least one day where students can read what they choose.
    • Record a Flipgrid video about why you read banned books to go on our wall. Contact a librarian for details.