• Student clubs are reorganizing. If you want to start a new club or reboot one without an adviser, you need to find a willing staff member (teacher, counselor, Instructional Assistant, or SRO).

    African Student Association
    [no adviser at this time]

    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Past Adviser: Tania Collins (rm. 1504)

    Chamber Ensemble
    Adviser: Bill Holmes (band room)

    Chess Club
    Past Adviser: James Hardee (rm. 2615)
    In the cafeteria during lunch

    Chick Fil A Leadership Academy
    [no adviser at this time]

    Dance Company
    Adviser: Adriene Vaglio (dance room)

    Valerie Singletary (rm. 506)

    Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D Club)
    [no adviser at this time]  

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
    Advisers: Joyce Ellis (rm. 610) & Alyssa Strayhorn (rm. 618)

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Valerie Singletary (rm. 506)

    Future Christian Athletes (FCA)
    [no adviser at this time]

    National FFA Organization
    Advisers: Sarah Johnson (rm. 516) & Leah Garris (rm. 520)

    Game Club (Video Game)
    Past Adviser: James Hardee (rm. 2615)

    Golden Legacy (step team)
    Past Adviser: Dwykeshia Doughty (rm. 1622)

    Gospel Choir
    Past Adviser: Dwykeshia Doughty (rm. 1622)

    Hispanic Student Association
    Past Adviser: Suzanne Macaulay Vargas (rm. 3405)

    Jazz Ensemble
    Adviser: Bill Holmes (bandroom)

    Key Club, a service club
    Kristel Behrend (LC), Sarah Brown (rm.2506)

    K'dale Allegiance (Gender-Sexuality Association)
    Advisers: Amber Batchelor (rm. 2622), Kathy Staley (rm. 2509)

    Kings and Queens
    Past Advisers: Darryl Postley (rm. 504)

    Link Crew
    Adviser: Jessica Holmes (Student Services)

    Marching Knights
    Adviser: Bill Holmes (bandroom)
    Placements are done over the summer, competitve season is July 22-Nov 2, practice Tues-Thurs until 6pm in band room/rm. 1332

    Math Club
    Advisers: Tracy Conte (rm. 1508) - Join for Remind updates by texting @khs-math-c to 810-10

    Multilingual Bridges Club
    Advisers: Viviana Negron (rm. 2606)

    Musical Pit Orchestra
    Adviser: Bill Holmes (bandroom)

    National Art Honors Society
    [no adviser at this time]

    National Honor Society
    Adviser: Laura Bernhard 
    Membership is based on acceptance. Only for 11th and 12th grade.

    NC Enviorothon 
    Past Adviser: Sanjana Sharma (rm. 1612)

    Ping Pong Club
    [no adviser at this time]

    Student Government Association

    9th- Valerie Singletary (rm. 506)
    10th- Alyssa Strayhorn (rm. 618)
    11th- Narviaria Evans (various rooms)
    12th- Relonda Richard (rm. 513 -- beside teacher workroom across from rm. 520)

    Taichi Club
    [no adviser at this time]

    Theatre/ITS Troupe 7149
    Adviser: Clay Raines (theater)
    Meets in Theater/rm. 1306