• Clubs and Organization

  • Welcome to our KHS Clubs and Organizations! During this school year, we are celebrating our 20th year as an institution of Public Education. Let's IGKNIGHT a flame by getting involved in our Clubs and Organizations and make KHS a Fun, Educational, Enriched Learning Environment for ALL our students to enjoy!



    KHS Clubs/Organizations

    ACT Prep Club
    Advisor: Borland (rm. 2618)

    AIventure: Exploring the Future with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Advisor: Elias (rm. 1506)

    Anime Club
    Advisor: Elias (rm. 1506)

    Blueford Club
    Advisor: Elias (rm. 1506)

    D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read Club
    Advisor: Elias (rm. 1506)

    Elite Historians
    Advisor: C. Smith & T. Person(rm. 604/606)

    Fine Art Club/National Art Honors Society
    Advisor: D. Page & D. Rubenstein (rm.611 & 617)  

    Big Brother/Big Sister Club
    Advisor: K. Allen (rm. 1610), T. Collins (rm 2508)

    Chess Club
    Advisor: S. Barrett & J. Van Cantfort (rm. 632)

    Coding Club/TSA
    Advisors: M. Solock (rm. 1617)  

    Dance Team/Lab
    Advisors: W. Hayes (rm. 1316)

    DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America ) / FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
    Advisor: V. Singletary (rm. 506)

    Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D Club)
    Advisors: T. Stanford (rm. 2520)

    Video Games
    Advisor: J. Hardee & deNobel & Page & Hodge(rm 2613 / rm. 2615) / rm. 2511 / rm.1617)

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
    Advisors: J. Ellis, T. Fishburne, & M. Pavolich (rm. 610/612/618)

    Gaming Club (Board games/Cards)
    Advisor: S. Smith & J. Jenkins & T. Sutton (rm. 2604/2608/2522)

    Glee Club
    Advisor: J. Mullinax (rm.1330)

    Gospel Choir
    Advisor: A. McMillian (Side Classroom right side in Theatre)

    Key Club, a service club
    Advisor: Gallagher (rm.2516 & 2518)

    K'dale Allegiance (Gender-Sexuality Association)
    Advisors: K. Staley / N. Powers-Maher  (Meeting in 2614)

    Knit Wit Lit Club
    Advisor: J. Koch / A. Miller (Learning Commons/Library)

    Advisor: A. Vaglio ()  

    Life 101
    Advisor: T. Lauro(rm. 3409 - trailer )

    Math Club
    Advisors: T. Conte & W. Pequigney & Selby (rm. 2506/2628/2626)

    Military Connected Students
    Advisor: C. Esworthy (rm. 2508)

    Music Around the World Club
    Advisor: H. Leigh (rm. 1504)

    National FFA Organization
    Advisors: S. Wilbanks (rm. 520) & L. Canada (rm. 516)  

    National Honor Society
    Advisor: A. Bridges / R. Dawson (rm. 1613)
    Membership is based on acceptance. Only for 11th and 12th grade.

    Poetry Club:
    Advisor: W. Sass (rm. 1522)

    Advisor: C. Mcleod (rm. 508)

    Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) 
    Advisor: E. Chuchta (rm. 2626)

    Social Club
    Advisor: Coble(rm. 2622)

    Step Club
    Advisor: E. Morgan & F. Thornton(rm. 2606)

    Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) / Rotary Club
    Advisor: Blackwell (Design Thinking Lab)  

    Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS)
    Advisors: M. Braden-Porter (rm. 2624), A. Wright (518)

    Theatre/ITS Troupe 7149
    Advisor: C. Raines (theater)
    Meets in Theater/rm. 1306

    Trivia Club
    Advisor: J. Daniels (rm. 1524)

    Unwind Your Mind
    Advisor: T. Carroll (rm.2612)

    Weight Lifting Club
    Advisor: J. Lopez (rm. 1717 - Weight Room)

    V.I.D.A (Hispanic Heritage) 
    Advisor: V. Negron & J. Sellas & M. Davis()   

    Walking Club
    Advisor: T. Beavers & T. Morton (rm.1717)  

    Women's Empowerment Club / Women's Society 
    Advisor: Grant (rm.1524)  

    Yoga Club
    Advisor: C. Owens (Aux Gym)