Geek Week 2021

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Library Media Studies students leading elementary kids in computer science activities
  • #GeekWeek 2021 Data

    • 32 Digital Citizenship lessons taught to @800 students
      • 18 teachers from 6 departments: math, English, CTE, social studies, SPED, world languages
    • 28 Classroom visits to @750 high school students with computer science activites created and led by LMS students
    • 100 4th graders & 50 3rd graders experienced LMS student-led computer science activities at Lake Myra and Forestville Road Elementary Schools
    • Over 400 students attended the DCG Fest on Friday, where they visited with:
      • 5 CTE teachers from KHS
      • 7 college representatives (NC State, University of Charlotte, UNC Greensboro, University of Alabama, UA Birmingham, Wake Tech, NC A&T)
      • Professionals from Apple and Lenovo esports
    • 3 students won VR headsets from Lenovo!

Hour of Code 2021: Computer science everywhere!

"Computer science has helped unlock mysteries in math and medicine. It’s been used to create art, including your favorite games, movies, and TV shows. It helps us eradicate diseases and enables us to explore the depths of outer space. It allows us to imagine ancient civilizations, as well as build the cities of the future. And obviously, computer science is responsible for the very device you’re reading this story on!
Computer science is everywhere, and we’re discovering new uses for it every day" ( 2021).

See full article here

  • Geek Week 2021

    #geekweek #CSEverywhere



    Computer science is everywhere and for EVERYONE! We had a great week learning about coding, computer science, and digital citizenship through fun activities and lessons in the Learning Commons.

    DCG Fest was a huge success - thank you to everyone who came out!

    Schedule of Events


    • Trivia Q in the LC (or online)
    • Computer Science-Related Activities with LMS Students (schedule here)
    • Digital Citizenship Lesson with classes

    Student Assignment Sheets

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    Tech-Life Balance Student-Paced Option

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  • Critical Thinking about Privacy

    Our students are very aware that when their privacy is invaded in the name of safety, marginalized populations are the ones to suffer. 

    critical Thinking

    Where are our students spending their time online?

    These are the top six winners!

    social media

    Feedback from about 250 KHS students

    • Youtube/Netflix = 707 daily hours
    • TikTok 460 daily hours
    • Texting - 442 daily hours
    • Video Games = 415.5 daily hours
    • Instagram = 340 daily hours
    • Facetime = 357.5 daily hours
    • Email = 269 daily hours
    • Reddit = 205.5 daily hours
    • Schoolwork = 137 daily hours
    • Snapchat = 85.5 daily hours
    • Twitter = 37.5 daily hours
    • Pinterest = 35.5 daily hours
    • Google Searches = 35.5 daily hours
    • Facebook = 9.5 daily hours
    • Tumblr = 6 daily hours



North Carolina has many job opportunities in computer science but few students taking courses for them in high school.