• KHS Literacy Week is April 19-23, 2021



    Benefits of Reading

    Study after study tells us that reading for pleasure:

    • Increases students’ engagement in learning, resulting in higher test scores and more positive attitudes about school and education
    • Improves reading achievement, which includes such things as as a strong vocabulary, a greater use of complex grammatical structures, and the development of a good writing style
    • Promotes cognitive development
    • Increases empathy and social skills
    • Is entertaining (a student who loves books is never bored)
    • Is correlated with better health
    • Leads to a positive sense of well being
    • Reduces stress


  • KHS teachers decorated their virtual doors this week!

    ✅Check them out below and vote for your favorite.

    👉Click on each one to learn a bit about the story, too!

  • Visit the Wake County Public Libraries site to register for a public library card


  • YOU matter ... Literacy matters, too!

    Take some time every day to Drop Everything and Read, even for a few minutes. Your mind will thank you - and so will your stress levels!