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Learning Commons

#GeekWeek 2019 Pics

#GeekWeek 2019 Data

  • 32 Digital Citizenship lessons taught to @1200 students
  • 27 Classroom visits to @750 high school students with computer science activites created and led by LMS students
  • 75 4th graders & 25 middle school students experienced LMS student-led computer science activities
  • 100% positive teacher feedback on student-led activities
  • @90 students participated in a KHSCD-style Genius Bar
  • @200 responses on Tech LIT trivia

A Library Media Studies Class Presents their "Geek Week" Research Project

Digital Pledge Signed by KHSCD Students

Digital Pledge

Illiteracy In the New Language

"Technology shapes our thoughts, creates new opportunities, and is full of challenges. It is our mindset regarding challenge that is the difference between adaptation and extinction. With biological advantages, we cannot grow wings or gills. Technology is different in that everyone has an ability to ride a plane or learn to scuba. (Technology is even shaping our biology.) Much of the conflict with technology comes from our attitudes, if we see technology as too daunting and overwhelming, we will avoid it. We will look for ways around it, and attempt to convince ourselves we can do without it. Imagine America in the 1900s, an illiterate youth would have an extraordinarily difficult time escaping poverty without the ability to read. It would be a near miracle. Technical literacy is of the same importance. We have different levels of access, yet having the wrong attitude can only compound disadvantages. There is no scenario where it would benefit anyone at any level of access to deny technology." (Yang, 2018)

See full article here

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  • Digital Learning Week 2019 

    Got tech LIT? #geekweek

    11/4/19 - 11/8/19

    What We Did... A student-led research project, our second #GeekWeek was full of computer science activities and digital citizenship lessons that kept us busy all week.  A highlight was our field trip to Wendell Elementary and Wendell Middle School where Library Media Studies students taught computer science lessons to younger students; after teaching, the LMS students got to visit the "Garage," a design makerspace at NC State. The week was capped off with a super fun digital playground in the Learning Commons.  

    The Schedule of Events


    Monday: Theme > Online Privacy/Oversharing (LC closed today)

    Schoolwide Quizizz 2nd period after announcements - Have students go to joinmyquiz.com and enter this code 226544 (we had 138 participants with 83% accuracy!).

    Monday Trivia

    Journal prompts (different prompts for each period):

    1. Do you believe people act differently on the Internet because of anonymity? Why or why not?
    2. Have you ever posted something online that you wouldn’t want someone in your real life to see? Why?  How would you feel if it were accidentally found?
    3. Should this image be posted online? Why or Why not?
    4. Have you ever shared ANY of this info online? 

    Tuesday: Theme > Social Media Balance and Wellbeing

    Genius BAR in the LC - Send your students to the LC in small groups to try out the following stations:

    • Green Screen technology
    • Pic/video uploading
    • Like Duh?  Tech things EVERY KHSCD student should know
    • Coding activities - Hour of Code and Made with Code

    Tuesday Trivia

    Journal prompts (different prompts for each period):

    1. Take a look at this infographic about social media - how much of your social life is “online”? 
    2. Do you think having so much access to the Internet makes it easier or harder to grow up in your generation? Why?
    3. Are you addicted - take this quiz to find out. 
    4. Click on this slide to read a snippet from an article on brain science and social media addiction - the prompt is on the slide.

    Wednesday: Theme > Cyberbullying

    Students will bring computer science lessons to you.

    Wednesday Trivia

    Journal prompts (different prompts for each period):

    1. Unfortunately, the Internet can lead to the formation and spread of radicalization and hate groups. What are some ways people can work against this?
    2. Play this Kahoot about cyberbullying - this is a self-paced Kahoot, not a live class game https://kahoot.it/challenge/0490490 - this is the pin 0490490 .
    3. Do Internet companies and mobile phone companies have a duty to stop cyber-bullying?
    4. Do you think online bullying is worse than or not as bad as physical bullying? Have you heard of David’s Law? Check out this brief article. 

    Thursday: Theme > News and Media Literacy

    Students will bring computer science lessons to you.

    Thursday Trivia

    Journal prompts (different prompts for each period):

    1. Real or Fake Quiz  https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=real-vs-fak
    2. How can bias affect the way a news story is written?  How can it affect the way it is interpreted by you?
    3. Read this article and discuss… do you believe this is the biggest fake news scandal in American History?
    4. How can you make sure that you are not being manipulated or fooled by media? 

    Friday: Theme > Digital Footprint

    Sphero/Dash Playground in the LC during ALL of 3rd period... come and play.  Learn a little, too.

    Friday's Trivia

    Journal prompts (different prompts for each period):

    1. Do you believe things on the Internet are really there forever? Why or why not?
    2. A digital footprint is the trail of data you leave behind when you use the internet. It’s what you post and share, of course, but it’s also what sites you visit, the information you share when you sign up for apps, and even the searches you do. On a scale from 1 to 10, how confident are you that your digital footprint is good? What changes do you need to make?
    3. Go over the 12 steps to manage your digital footprint.  How are you managing your footprint?
    4. Look at this image. How are you using your digital footprint to advocate for your future?

     Digital footprint

Tech Literate