• 2020 Single Subject Acceleration (SSA)

    2020 Single Subject (SSA) Test Request Form

    The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Board of Education defines acceleration as allowing a student to move through traditional educational organizations more rapidly, based on readiness and motivation. Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is the practice of assigning a student to a higher-grade
    level than is typical, given the student’s age, for the purpose of providing access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities in either math or English/language arts.

    Is your child a good candidate for SSA?

    • Consider your child’s social and emotional maturity. Your child will be taking classes with peers who may be older or they will be working on their own.
    • Consider your child’s organizational skills and ability to focus.
    • Your child will be skipping an entire year’s worth of content and background knowledge.
    • The AIG teacher and homeroom teachers are not responsible for covering any content your child skipped as a result of receiving SSA services.
    • If your child qualifies for SSA in math or ELA in elementary or middle school, some courses take place online. During the school day, students participate in these courses. Though they are not self-paced, students work independently during their online lessons.
    • In order to ensure your child receives the classes in the area where SSA is taking place, it may result in schedule adjustments where recess, lunch and/or specials may be with different grade levels or classes than what is assigned.
    • If you have any school related questions or concerns, please communicate with the SSA Contact at
      your child’s school to discuss this request.

    SSA Assessment Information

    Assessment for SSA will include an above grade level comprehensive examination to establish mastery of the foundational skills and content this course /subject requires.


    • A Kindergarten student looking to skip first grade math, the student must receive a level 3 on each of the individual constructed response tasks without assistance.
    • A Kindergarten student looking to skip first grade ELA, the student must receive an mCLASS TRC Level K with a score of 3 on both written comprehension questions without assistance for both fiction and nonfiction text.
    • A 1st-7th grade student in mathematics must earn a minimum of 80% accuracy on the above grade level comprehensive assessment. The assessments have open response questions.
    • In English/Language Arts students must earn a >85% correct on Acceleration Assessment AND score a level 4 on centrally-scored writing prompt for elementary school or score a level 3 on centrally-scored writing prompt for middle school.
    • Prior to the exams, students may review the content standards for the course or subject area that they are seeking to demonstrate mastery. North Carolina State Standard Course of Study Links:

    ELA NC State Standard Course of Study and Math NC State Standard Course of Study

    • Acceleration assessments will be reported as percent correct.
    • Due to test security, items on the test will not be able to be reviewed on any Acceleration Assessment. There will not be a breakdown of questions/standards missed available.
    • All decisions are final; eligibility to accelerate is based on meeting the above criteria. Students who do not meet the criteria for SSA will have an opportunity to test again during the spring of 2021 for the next school year (2021-2022).

    Test Request Deadlines and Testing Windows:

    *Test requests will only be accepted during the Test Request Submission dates below*

    Test Request Deadlines