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     Dance Music performance


    Kindergarten and 1st Grade

    All Kindergarten and 1st Grade students attend all specials/focus areas on a rotational basis. The students go to each focus area for a week at a time with their class. We want the students to explore all of these areas before narrowing their focus. This opportunity allows the students to experience all of the courses offered as they begin to develop their interests and passions. 


    2nd - 5th Grade

    All 2nd-5th grade students have the opportunity to select their special/focus area each quarter. To begin the semester, they will receive a menu to rank their choices for their focus area each quarter. Students are able to repeat areas more than once a year, but must participate in either dance or physical education during the year. After completing the form, the students are registered for their course focus area of choice. This provides students with more choices to enhance their skills in a specific area. Focus areas occur every day for six weeks, allowing students to develop their projects throughout the course of the class. Conn offers dance, drama, music, visual arts, physical education, and technology design.


    Conn Magnet hosts a winter performance for 5th grade and spring performance for 2nd grade. 


    Creative Courses Choice Forms

    Focus Area 1 Descriptions 2024 - 2025 = Coming in August 2024!

    Focus Area 1 Descriptions 2023 - 2024

    Focus Area 2 Descriptions 2023 - 2024 

    Focus Area 3 Descriptions 2023 - 2024

    Focus Area 4 Descriptions 2023 - 2024 

    Focus Area 5 Descriptions 2023 - 2024 

    Specialist Team



    Our 2023-2024 Specialists are:

    Cari Ann Brick, Media

    Heather Weaver, Drama

    Eric Lyons, Physical Education

    Emily Yelton, Art

    Megan Jones, Music

    Tamera Brewington, Dance

    Barbara Hasting, Spanish