• Community CONNection

    Our robust community CONNections have been utilized at Conn for many years; therefore, the school has uniquely positive and impactful relationships with many community leaders and local companies!

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         IBM Partnership, Agile Design Thinking                                Lawyers 4 Literacy                                                 Wake Ed Partnership


    Expert Speakers

    “Expert Speakers” are community-based professionals that are paired with science classes across grade levels in order to enhance or solidify scientific concepts and standards, connect them to the students’ wider communities, and give students an authentic example of real-world science standard applications

    • Example: A professor from NC State may bring his graduate students to a second grade classroom to do experiments with liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, helping students connect the standard, “Understanding properties of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo” to real-world concepts and people.

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    “Excursions” are mini field trips sponsored by the WCPSS Magnet Department and provide students with the opportunity to venture into their surrounding community and connect recently mastered standards with local companies. Excursions are uniqure learning experiences that allow our students to connect what they are learning and how their newly aquired skills apply to the real world.

    • Example: After our first grade students complete their science unit on pebbles, sand and silt, the classes go on an excursion to the local rock quarry, helping the students connect what they have learned about rocks and minerals and how it looks in at a local facility in the real world.