• Digital Learning


    At Conn Magnet Elementary School of Entrepreneurial Design, we embed Digital Learning with Design Thinking across all content areas. Our students have access to iPads, Chromebooks, Robotics, 3D printing and a Glowforge.

    Due to Conn's previous theme emphasis on technology and its natural fit with the Entrepreneurial theme, Conn Magnet Elementary School of Entrepreneurial Design  uses digital resources to help students mindfully and intentionally use these tools to further connect their learning to a wider world. The school and the district understand the concern that many parents have of limiting their student’s screen time, and the importance of ensuring that screen time is purposeful. The district as a whole promotes use of electronic resources for active creation throughout all of our schools. There are several excellent and vetted resources to help inform parents and teachers about the use of electronics. Please see this link, and find articles under Vetted Resources>Articles to read.

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    Grade Span Hardware used “1:1” to ensure equity of access Software used Purpose Approximate Maximum Daily Screen Time
    K-2 iPads
    • Dreambox-differentiated math enrichment; schools opt in; supported through the Academics department
    • Literacy apps and programs- specifically used to increase fluency, independent reading, and to support Letterland skills rotations. These apps and programs include but are not limited to Epic, Big Universe, Starfall, Magnetic Letters, Pebble Go, Raz Kids
    • See Saw-platform that allows students to capture and describe their work, and share with teachers, parents, and each other for comments and information
    • Goosechase- a program used to allow children to complete teacher led scavenger hunts based on current standards. 
    • Google Expedition- use for exploratory learning in Social Studies
    Non-sequential use with cumulative time no longer than 45 minutes at the highest grade in this span; used in short spans on a rotational basis.
    3-5 Chromebooks
    • Dreambox-see above
    • Google Classroom-Collaborative tool to capture and share work and assignments with students 
    • Google Slides- Students research and develop presentations of their work and used as an interactive science notebook
    • Google Docs- Used for students to type and share their publish their work
    • Office 365- One Drive- Students research and publish their work
    • Software for peripherals such as Spheros and Ozbots
    • NC Wise Owl and Discovery Education
    • Student Digital Portfolios- is a Wake County initiative
    Depends on level of need due to complexity of assignment and/or collaborative group work
    Focus Areas- Grade K-5 iPads, Chromebooks, Robotics, 3D printing and Glowforge
    • Art- Google Classroom for embroidery so students can use self-guided videos to learn the stitches. Design app for graphic design and typography, designevo.com, Google Classroom and google drawings to create digital vision boards. Google sites to create a digital showcase and display our artwork virtually. Glow forge to create accessories for our fashion designs. 3-D printer to create shoes. Google drawings to create fabric designs and create patterns. Use Stop motion move app to create stop motion films.
    • Dance- iPads used to make videos of their own group choreography as well as view the way dance has evolved over time.
    • Music- use iPads during centers so that students can listen to music/ critique/ write their own music, explore the science of sound, learn about instruments that we do not have available in our classroom etc. Use iPads or chrome books when they are playing ukulele so that they can find songs and look up chords or tutorials and independently learn music after they know basic skills. Chrome Music Lab and San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for Kids are websites used across many grade levels.
    • Drama- PadCaster for greenscreen videos, voice record and iPads for making podcasts and recording their performances.
    • Technology- iPads and Chromebooks used to enhance digital portfolios. As a certified Minecraft Edu school, students in the focus areas use the devices to complete math integrated Minecraft missions. 
    Classes are 45 minutes. Technology is not used daily in focus areas, however,  it is used variously throughout the quarter to complete final tasks and projects. Technology focus areas implement technology every day.