• If school closes early due to inclement weather, ALL after school clubs, meetings, and activities are CANCELLED. This includes after school care provided by the YMCA. Parents are to pick up their children as soon as possible. The program will operate on the make-up days.


    • The before-school program will be delayed by the same amount of time that the opening of school is delayed. If school is delayed one hour, the before-school program will open an hour late as well. 


    • There is no breakfast served if there is a delay.


    In the event of a delay, please do not drop students off early. 


     One Hour Delay: 

    Before School Care begins at 8:00am


    Carpool begins at 9:45am

    Instruction begins at 10:15am


    Two Hour Delay:

    Before School Care begins at 9:00

    Carpool begins at 10:45am

    Instruction begins at 11:15am



    Three Hour Delay:

    Before School Care begins at 10:00

    Carpool begins at 11:45am

    Instruction begins at 12:15am