• At Conn Magnet Elementary School of Entrepreneurial Design, we strive to encourage and foster the gifts and talents of all students throughout our magnet theme. Our full time AIG instructor, Ms. Nancy Hanley, begins working with students who demonstrated giftedness starting in Kindergarten. She works with small groups to enrich their learning in Kindergarten through 3rd grade in our Junior Explorers program. 

    In their 3rd grade year, students are able to sit for the Iowa test to determine whether or not they will be state identified for AIG services. Ms. Hanley then continues to serve students who are identified, and nurtured in both reading and math, throughout their 4th and 5th grade years at Conn. 

    For more information, visit her website or feel free to reach out to her. 

    Nomination Window for Conn: April 6-April 26


    Meet Ms. Hanley